"Gomez" Tract Worked For Mr. Gomez

Another inmate slipped a tract in Gomez' cell, then waited for a violent reaction. They never expected what happened!

A Chick Tract Filled the Gap

"Even after 17 years in the prison ministry the Lord continually shows me new ways to use tracts."

Chaplain: 'No End to a Tract Ministry'

"I'm not tired and I'm not weary, just praising the Lord for the tract and prison ministry He gave me over 26 years ago," writes Dann Slator, better known as Chaplain Dann.

'Chopped-up Comic' Still Leads Prisoner to Christ

The following letter came to prison ministry Mission Possible from a female prisoner in Texas.

He Wanted a Book About the Devil

"Sure," I said. It wasn't what he expected.

How to Start or Support a Prison Ministry

Useful ideas and contacts to help you get a prison ministry started.

Lawsuit Opens Prison System to Bible Literature

The California prison system has agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by a prison ministry that had been stopped from sending Bible study materials to inmates who requested them.

Missionaries Never 'Retire' -They Just Find Another Field

Here's how you can do what Marlin Baker did. After 27 years as a missionary, he was not ready to hang it up. With a heart for hurting people, he found plenty of them at the local jails.

New Ruling Opens Prisons to More Gospel Literature

Soul winners who work in prisons should be aware of a new U.S. Supreme Court ruling that will allow inmates more gospel literature.

Philippine Prisons Open to Chick Tracts

May 2013 report on the Chick Mission Fund.

Prison Fund Report - May 2021

The warden wanted to know why the inmates had stopped fighting, and were sitting reading. What happened?

Prison Letters July/August 2010

The guys grabbed them up. I was stunned by the tremendous response!

Prison Letters March/April 2010

I began reading them and could not put them down.

Prison Letters September/October 2010

I am called to speak the Word and I would like to use your comics to reach those that refuse to hear or read the Bible.

Prison Ministry Letters

When I got busted, God changed everything!

Prison Ministry Letters

All we had was two Chick tracts.

Prison Ministry Letters Jan-2000

I gave a guard a tract, and he said, "Your coming to detention has changed my life."

Prison Ministry Letters January/February 2010

The inmates are showing up at the chaplains office just to see if we have more Chick tracts.

Prison Ministry Letters March/April 2008

This little comic book gave me hope.

Prison Ministry Letters May/June 2000

Suicide prevented.

Prison Ministry Letters: Jan-2002

16-year-old has been locked up over a year. He got saved in prison.

Prison Ministry Letters: Jan-2003

Prisoner shares his tract. . . saves a life.

Prison Ministry Letters: Jan-2004

Your comics and tracts really shook me up and by the second day I was on my knees and asking Jesus to save me and take over my life.

Prison Ministry Letters: Jan-2005

He was a gangster all his life. But now he met Jesus.

Prison Ministry Letters: Jan-2006

The prisoners send the tracts to their children and discuss with their families.

Prison Ministry Letters: Jan-2007

Guaards would confiscate them so they could read them.

Prison Ministry Letters: Jan-2008

They "go like hotcakes" and 180 have accepted the Lord.

Prison Ministry Letters: July-2000

First day out of prison I went drinking. Then I found your tract.

Prison Ministry Letters: July-2001

Led 300 to Christ in prison last year.

Prison Ministry Letters: July-2002

They kept me glued to the Bible for years.

Prison Ministry Letters: July-2003

Arrested for burglary, I knew all ABOUT Jesus, but I never KNEW Him!

Prison Ministry Letters: July-2005

I've been converted to the Real God (not Allah).

Prison Ministry Letters: July-2006

Catholic guard ended up reading the whole thing.

Prison Ministry Letters: July-2008

I started by sending a little at a time to prisoners.

Prison Ministry Letters: March 2001

When visiting my son in jail, I give these to others to read while they are waiting their turn.

Prison Ministry Letters: March 2002

Comic set changed me from a "Ruff" gangbanger from Chicago to a man of Christ

Prison Ministry Letters: March-2000

He was filled with despair, but these tracts led him to Jesus.

Prison Ministry Letters: March-2003

Inmate saved and reconciled to his separated wife.

Prison Ministry Letters: March-2004

He led 19-year-old inmate to the Lord, then discovered it was his son he had never seen.

Prison Ministry Letters: March-2005

A Chick tract is read until it is completely worn out, while others are thrown away.

Prison Ministry Letters: March-2006

Over 75 inmates saved!

Prison Ministry Letters: March-2007

So many inmates got saved the Catholic Diocese got upset!

Prison Ministry Letters: May-2001

Thanks to Chick Publications, the truth is starting to sink in.

Prison Ministry Letters: May-2002

The second day he was on his knees.

Prison Ministry Letters: May-2003

Great for men who won't read anything else.

Prison Ministry Letters: May-2004

"I was thrown into the 'hole' and came across one of your tracts."

Prison Ministry Letters: May-2005

This helped us break free of the Roman Catholic church here.

Prison Ministry Letters: May-2006

"Light of the World" had an effect on each inmate.

Prison Ministry Letters: May-2007

The tracts went from cell to cell. 75 men were saved.

Prison Ministry Letters: May-2009

"Preacher, you got any of those little books?"

Prison Ministry Letters: Nov-1998

I have guys lining at my door.

Prison Ministry Letters: Nov-1999

Your material really helped me through my time in prison.

Prison Ministry Letters: Nov-2000

The chaplain called asking for more tracts, because the ladies were reading.

Prison Ministry Letters: Nov-2001

Large number of Muslims and Catholics in our compound. They read these over and over!

Prison Ministry Letters: Nov-2002

He got saved reading "The Prophet"

Prison Ministry Letters: Nov-2004

The inmates get discouraged when I don't show up with Chick tracts.

Prison Ministry Letters: Nov-2005

Priests came in to convert us, but you gave us ammunition to fight with!

Prison Ministry Letters: Nov-2007

Showed "Light of the World" in the prison yard. One man burst out in tears.

Prison Ministry Letters: Sep-2000

We led over 300 souls to Jesus with your tracts last year in that prison.

Prison Ministry Letters: Sep-2001

"How could my whole life be a lie?"

Prison Ministry Letters: Sep-2002

Muslim inmate saved.

Prison Ministry Letters: Sep-2003

Preacher in ministry today because someone left a tract in a prison.

Prison Ministry Letters: Sep-2004

Satan owns the gangs here, but I have won 29 to the Lord.

Prison Ministry Letters: Sep-2005

I'm locked up with AIDS, but now I have hope in Jesus.

Prison Ministry Letters: Sep-2006

I'm being released soon, but I'm going back in to preach the Gospel!

Prison Ministry Letters: Sep-2007

Inmates were chasing us down asking for more!

Prison Ministry Letters: Sep-2008

I love reading the Bible now!

Prisoner Discovered That Somebody Really Does Love Him

From Mission Possible: 'Our mother abandoned us, but through this little tract I learned that Jesus loves even a prisoner like me. Thank you for that tract!'

Prisoners Grateful for 40+-Year-Old Ministry

Prisoners are ripe for the gospel. Chaplain Woody responded to the call over 40 years ago and his ministry is still going strong.

Prisons: ‘A Mission Field Next Door’

Read the salvation testimony of a man on the run from the Lord who one day was given a Chick tract. Now, he is saved and serves as a Chaplain in Texas.

The Hit In The Prison

The following letter was received by the Mission Possible ministry to prisoners...

U.S. Prisons Recruiting Muslim Chaplains

One of the most disturbing developments in Islam`s drive to conquer the world is its intrusion (and acceptance) in the U.S. prisons.

Vacationers Get 3-Day 'Jail Ministry' While Witnessing to Indonesian Muslims

Most of us use our vacation to "get away from it all" and unwind.