Prison Ministry Letters: March-2004

Thank you for the truth and your faithfulness to speak the truth. I've started sending a little at a time to prisoners. One inmate just wrote that he had sent Why is Mary Crying 'into the flow' and catholic eyes were opened. One inmate, turning from Catholicism to Islam turned to Jesus after reading that tract.
J.J., Glendale, CA

Persecution arose and we were forced to stop ministering in a nearby prison. What a shame. Please pray that those doors will open to us again soon. Using your tracts, we led over 300 souls to Jesus last year in that prison.
B.B., Camp Hill, AL

My order of Chick comics came directly to the guard station. When some of the guards saw the name 'Chick' they thought it was sexually oriented materials and kept half my order for themselves. I was angry at first, but then laughed out loud praising God. Two of the guards started coming to church and one got gloriously saved after reading the material.
J.D., California

I was sent to jail and my wife divorced me before she had our baby. Because of Chick tracts, I turned my life over to Christ while I was locked up and promised God I would serve Him as long as I lived. I have visited several jails and prisons since my release. Recently I visited a jail about a hundred miles from my home. One 19 year old inmate agreed to pray with me. As we joined hands through the bars, we both began to shake all over. I stopped praying and asked his mothers name. Praise God, I was holding the hand of my boy, the son I had never seen.
R., Louisiana

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