Prison Ministry Letters: May-2004

Your tracts that you left here on the 8th floor of the Dallas County Jail plus the Daily Devotionals are doing a mighty work through the Spirit. There is more of a peace in this 29 man tank. Over half of the men are now able to meditate on God's Word.
M.B., Texas

I first came across your books from another inmate. I have never been as touched by a product as I was by your comics and tracts. They really shook me up! But I kept on reading and by the second day I was on my knees and asking Jesus to save me and take over my life.
J.A., North Carolina

I am a Christian and got saved primarily because of a little tract you produced called: Somebody Loves Me. Praise God for your ministry!
S.A., California

I am a prisoner and have accepted Christ Jesus as my Lord and Saviour Now I want to share Him with others who were like I was; full of despair, frustration, hate and sorrow. I want to show them there is another way to live, one that is free, full of joy and love.
R.D., Texas

I was thrown into the "hole" (solitary confinement) and came across one of your tracts someone had left for the next inmate, which turned out to be me. I picked it up (A Demon's Nightmare) and read it and read it and read it. It was humorous at first. It lead me to pick up a Bible and start reading that. God bless you.
F.Q., Ohio

I've been in and out of prisons most of my life starting at age 12 and now I'm 38. A lot of your tracts and comics had a lot to do with my coming to the Lord.
M.B., Colorado

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