Roman Catholicism’s Disconnect from the Scriptures Is Increasingly Clear

The Pope has just completed a huge synod held for nearly 500 leaders at the Vatican. It ran for the entire month of October and resulted in a lot of confusion for the sheep.

Discussion of the agenda leading up to the meeting exposed two camps in the church. As usual, one was “progressive,” pushing to adapt to current trends, and the other was traditionalists who were stubbornly declaring, “But we have always done it this way.”

From all indications, this pope comes down on the progressive side.

He gives a nod to the conservatives in stating that the church still sees same-sex relationships as sinful and would not recognize same sex marriage. But he plays the no-judgment card, instead of stating the biblical point of view, and starts talking acceptance and inclusivity.

He seemed OK with discussions that included recognition of same sex marriage, transgenderism, married priests and more women in leadership contrary to stated Vatican teachings.

It is obvious from his statements that he has accepted the lie of sexual orientation. This places people outside the responsibility for their behavior because they were just “made that way.”

God’s word does not allow this excuse. It says that sexual behavior is under the control of individuals who are responsible to exercise it only in the commitment of marriage between a man and a woman.

The website details several occurrences when the pope talked or wrote to the conservative, more closely Biblical position, and then failed to back, or even defrocked those leaders for following it.

On abortion, Pope Francis compared it to “hiring a hitman.” But he does nothing to discipline priests who offer communion to politicians who vote for abortion. He also honored European parliamentarian, Emma Bonino, as among Italy’s great leaders. But she has a history of performing abortions and supported legalization of it in Italy.

Another papal advisor, Columbia Professor Jeffrey Sachs, wrote a book recommending abortion to control population for the benefit of the “environment.” He also wrote the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, part of the UN campaign for global government.

On globalism, Pope Francis is active in promoting this agenda of the anti-Christ. The UN has a comprehensive plan to fix the world’s problems called Agenda 2030. It includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals, including elimination of poverty, hunger, and disease, saving the planet from global warming, and gender equality.

It is a perfect blueprint for the one-world government predicted in Scripture. But it does not take into consideration what the Bible says about the depravity of man. In story after story the scriptures illustrate what happens when unsaved men are allowed to rule. The temptation for power and domination is irresistible.

When popes or anyone else ignores the Bible in their efforts to solve the world’s problems, the Bible says that lawlessness shall increase until chaos reigns.

The Vatican has not changed its goals.

This Pope is just more open about their agenda than his predecessors. We can now more clearly see how the Vatican’s agenda dovetails with the United Nations plan to deliver the Antichrist and the false prophet predicted in scripture.

Most of the churches who claim to be Bible-believing have bought the lie that Roman Catholicism is just another denomination with a somewhat different worship style. They choose to look the other way when Popes parade a wafer god in the streets and bow to a statue of a goddess that they call the Virgin Mary.

They claim the heritage of “Protestant” but have forgotten what they should be protesting. Besides holding forth the simple gospel, Chick Publications has also been called to expose Rome’s unbiblical deception.

Please visit our resource center on Catholicism to see several books and articles that will help you to guide any friends or relatives out of this counterfeit church.

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