Schools Pressured to Tell Students Sodomy is OK

A sodomite "Educators Network" has mailed a booklet promoting the homosexual lifestyle to 15,000 school superintendents across the country. It is a blatant attempt to seal off the kids from any hope that they can become normal.

Called Just the Facts About Sexual Orientation & Youth: a Primer for Principals, Educators & School Personnel, it promotes the lie that a certain percentage of young people are born with a sexual orientation toward the same gender.

School officials are asked to watch out for these "troubled" youth and help them feel okay about their "orientation." They must be protected from "homophobic" attitudes and harassment by other "bigoted" students and teachers.

Above all they must be protected from any suggestion that homosexuality is sinful or unhealthy and from any attempt to "convert" them to Jesus and heterosexuality.

The "Primer" specifically targets "reparative therapy" and "transformational ministry" as major threats to be guarded against. Reparative therapy is a movement inside the psychotherapy field to help the unhappy homosexual move toward heterosexuality.

According to the booklet, transformational ministry, "takes the approach that freedom from homosexuality is possible through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord."

The paper darkly reminds the school administrators that any religious presentation or materials furnished to the students "could raise constitutional problems" because of the "separation of church and state."

The "facts" presented are skimpy and biased:

  • Teenager sexual experimentation is a "hallmark of this developmental period."
  • Homosexual youth must "cope with prejudiced, discriminatory, and violent behavior and messages in their families, schools and communities." Because of this, homosexual youth have "higher rates of emotional distress, suicide attempts and risky sexual behavior and substance use" compared to heterosexual students.
  • "Promotion of reparative therapy and transformational ministry is likely to exacerbate (make worse) the risk of harassment, harm, and fear."
  • There is no evidence that any attempt to change the homosexual is successful.
  • School officials must avoid any attempt to steer these "troubled" youth toward a "cure," particularly a religious one, or risk lawsuit.

To support these "facts" the "Primer" lists the endorsements of ten national organizations including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Association of School Administrators, the American Federation of Teachers, the National Association of Social Workers, the National Education Association, the American Psychological Association, and the Interfaith Alliance Foundation.

A careful analysis by the Family Research Institute found that the basic research supporting the "facts" in the report was flawed. Homosexual youth were found to be more "troubled" and the assumption was that it was because they were homosexual. No attempt was made to look for other causes.

When FRI examined the research it found that an abnormal percentage came from dysfunctional families. "Their parents or caretakers were more frequently of poorer character" and often involved in criminal activity.

They concluded that, "So many things were 'wrong' with these kids that there was no reason to believe it was their homosexuality, per se, that was 'the cause' or even 'a cause' of these problems."

The Bible teaches homosexuality and sodomy are sin. But Jesus gives us hope and offers freedom to all. See Sin City, by Jack T. Chick, for a witnessing tool.