Soul-Winning Video Now in 18 Languages

Issue Date: January/February 2008

The Light of the World video continues to win souls around the world.  One missionary writes: "My family and I are in India again working with Independent Church in India. We now have over 20 native missionaries that are working with our ministry and are reaching thousands of people each week. The Lord is also using the Tamil Light of the World to lead many to Him."

New translation work is continuing.  We have received the sound files for Ukrainian and are mixing the sound track. An Afrikaans script is translated and narrator selected for recording in South Africa.

The Russian version is complete and missionaries are beginning to use them in Russia, the Ukraine and with Russian people in the U.S. Translation of the Romanian script has begun in preparation for the narration.

Soul winners come up with new uses for the video every day.  One businessman, who has customers waiting around while he sharpens their saws, has the Light of the World video running in his shop for them to watch. On a table is a container labeled: "Bucket of Hope" containing tracts for them to take. 

A home missionary working with the Haitian people in South Florida asked for a Creole version. But he says, "Glory to God.  It`s already changing lives in the English version." He called it a "super evangelistic tool."

The Light of the World video is now in 18 languages. Click here to see if it is in the language you can use.

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