Southern Baptist Study on Masonry

It`s been debated among Christians for years.  To many, it is an old occultic secret society that should be taboo to Christians.  To others, it is their "club" where they meet with other men for fellowship, and also to "network" and make business connections that will help their careers.

But some years ago, the debate within the Southern Baptist Convention became so great that a study group was commissioned to determine whether or not the SBC should take a position on the issue.  Southern Baptists made up a very significant percentage of total Freemasons in the United States (37% according to one report), so the question was an important one.

When the committee published its results in the Home Mission Board`s "Report on Freemasonry" in 1993, the report listed many Masonic teachings that were presented as being completely contrary to the Scriptures.  However, it also commended Freemasonry for its many charitable projects.  Finally, the conclusion was:

(1) "Many tenets and teachings of Freemasonry are not compatible with Christianity and Southern Baptist doctrine," and (2) "we recommend. . . membership in a Masonic Order be a matter of personal conscience."

This is called "passing the buck."  So many well-known Baptist pastors were Masons that they could not bring themselves to condemn it, even after stating it was "not compatible with Christianity." 

Christians still debate the issue, and many church members continue to enroll in one of the several forms of Freemasonry. 

It may be interesting to note that the writer of this article went to the SBC website and searched for "Freemasonry."  Several articles appeared in the search results.  All of the links produced a "page not found" message.  They appear to have been taken down. Now, author David W. Daniels has completed an in-depth research study into the teachings of Freemasons, and presents in his new book, Should a Christian Be A Mason?, stunning proof, in their own words, that the "lodge" is occultic in origin, that members are instructed to read occultic books to advance their study, and that the authorities on Masonry have written the most blasphemous things about Christ imaginable.

What`s different about this book is Daniels` methodical proof.  There is no room for individual interpretation here.  Give this book to a Mason who claims to be a Christian, or to someone being recruited, and he will be shocked!  Hopefully, he will decide he has no business being a Mason.

Chick Publications is also releasing a new tract called That`s Baphomet? that can be used to quickly expose Masonry`s unbiblical roots to those Christians who may be willing to come out and serve the Lord with a whole heart.