Baby Baphomet Joins Baby Jesus in Illinois State House

The Illinois Satanic Temple prevailed in its effort to place the occultic baby Baphomet alongside baby Jesus in the state capitol Christmas display. It was all in the name of 'harmony.'

British University Offers a Master’s Degree in Witchcraft

With Halloween behind us, the witch and warlock costumes can be put away for another year. But the real witches are still very much with us.

Can a Christian Be a Mason?

Several years ago this writer witnessed an odd mixture at a funeral of a relative....

Can Christians Play D&D? Author Says No!

As a Christian, would it be appropriate for you to participate in a role-playing game with friends where each of you imagines a scenario involving a variety of sexual activities including fornication, adultery and homosexuality?

Disney Peddling Another One of Satan’s Lies

Disney’s 'Little Demon,' tries to normalize satanism and portray Satan as a 'normal' dad who tries to look out for his daughter. No longer 'family safe,' Disney is now enticing young people into sexual and occultic experimentation.

Four Words That Open the Doorway to Satanism

And they are found in a commonly used Bible!

Harry Potter: 'Making Evil Look Innocent'

What are kids saying about Harry Potter?

Here Comes Harry

How Strange! Thousands of children lined up outside bookstores waiting for them to open so they can buy a book?

'Jack the Ripper' Memorial Home For Battered Women?

Naming a boy's order after DeMolay is like naming a shelter for batter women after Jack the Ripper, or a home for unwed mothers after serial killer Ted Bundy!

Mayor Discovered "Minister" Would Pray to the Wrong God.

Wicca is the most popular branch of today's "Neo-Pagan" movement that worships "mother earth."

New Tract Warns Young People Against Occult

The whole world is going crazy over vampires and other occultic subjects. Jack Chick's newest story will use this interest to present the Gospel.

Popular Website Tract Reintroduced

Thousands of people read this message on the Chick website weekly. Now it is available once more in print.

Public Libraries Becoming Battle Ground Over Evil

Church leaders in Seabrook, New Hampshire succeeded in stopping lectures on satanism at their local library but the offended Satan worshippers responded by flooding the library with nearly 500 donated books on witchcraft.

Should a Christian Play Dungeons and Dragons?

A former witch details why Christians should not play this fantasy role playing game.

Southern Baptist Study on Masonry

Southern Baptist Convention found Freemasonry to be 'incompatible with Christianity' but was unwilling (afraid?) to tell Baptists to stay out.

Straight Talk on Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons - It's more that just a game. It is spiritually dangerous. William Schnoebelen explains why.

The Masonic Lodge and Presbyterianism

The 1984 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland appointed a committee to make a study of the practices and teachings of Freemasonry and its compatibility with Presbyterian standards.

Toy Stores Pushing Voodoo

With the rise in occult groups comes a general increase in experimentation with satanic things.

Who Is Masonry's God? Just Write Your Own Label

Just write your own label.

Why No Christian Woman Should Join Order of the Eastern Star

Eastern Star is the women's auxiliary to the occultic Masonic Lodge. Here is what they do, what it means, and why no Christian woman should join.

Wicca: Seduction of the Innocents

There are many doors to Satan's kingdom. Almost none are accurately labeled: "This way to death and destruction."

Wiccans Suing Government Over Tombstones

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has caved in and agreed to include the Wiccan five-pointed star in the list of accepted symbols being used on Department-issued grave markers.