The Masonic Lodge and Presbyterianism

The 1984 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland appointed a committee to make a study of the practices and teachings of Freemasonry and its compatibility with Presbyterian standards. Their findings were printed in a booklet entitled The Lodge and Presbyterianism published by the Presbyterian church of Qld., 147 Ann Street, Brisbane, Qld. 4000.

Their conclusions were:

  • Freemasonry is a religion.
  • Its meetings include acts of worship.
  • It acknowledges all major religions as being acceptable.
  • It teaches salvation by works which is contrary to the Christian gospel.
  • It forbids religious discussions in the lodge thus denying a Christian the right to witness for Christ.
  • Its prayers are unacceptable to New Testament Christianity in that Christ cannot be addressed in them.
  • It transgresses the first three commandments.
  • It requires its candidates for initiation to swear solemn oaths without prior knowledge of the nature and extent of all that the oaths involve.

The final conclusion was that Freemasonry is at variance with the Christian gospel.