They Just Couldn't Leave 'Bad Enough' Alone

By David W. Daniels

The NIV is proof that some people can`t leave bad enough alone. Zondervan came out with the newest NIV. And you won`t believe what I just found that they changed.

I was updating my book, Look What`s Missing, to include the 2011 NIV. I checked each of the 257 sample Bible verses to see if anything more had been taken out, or if anything had been put back into the text. And I was surprised. The old NIVs had actually gotten something right —so I guess they had to "fix" that!

My first video four years ago was entitled, "Did Jesus Lie?" It showed how, in John 7:8, the ESV and 19 other Bibles took out a crucial word that Jesus clearly said. God`s preserved words in English record that Jesus, the Son of God and God the Son, who never lied —the Way, the Truth and the Life, told His half-brothers these words:

John 7:8 Go ye up unto this feast: I go not up yet unto this feast; for my time is not yet full come.

Count them —that`s 2 "not yets." The first one is crucial —because either Jesus WAS NOT going or He was not YET going. It`s one or the other. It`s doubly important because two verses later —He did go!

If he was going but He said He wasn`t, He would be a liar and a sinner and could not pay for our sins as the sinless sacrifice. We would be lost in our sins and going to a burning, fiery hell with our only chance for redemption ruined by a single, stupid lie. The only Way to your eternal salvation, ruined by one single missing word!

When I did the video, I used the ESV because it and 19 other Bibles removed that first crucial "yet." But at the time the NIV actually had it right! Even though it was the worst of 40 Bibles, at least it had one thing right.

But they just couldn`t leave bad enough alone.

Here`s the new-new-new-new NIV. No, I`m not stuttering. The "NIV` was copyrighted four times: in 1973, `78, '84 and now, again, in 2011, indicating significant change. That`s just the "NIV" NIVs. That doesn`t include the kids` NIrV or the disastrous TNIV. Three NIV editions, 37 years, and now, in the 4th edition of the NIV, they decided to make it look like Jesus lied, which means He could not pay for sins, and you are therefore not saved.

What in the world are these guys doing? This is no joke. These are scriptures that toy with the whole idea of your salvation. They make up an inconsistent god —a god that cannot save.

Is this the Bible you`re going to give to your friends? No? So no new-new-new-new NIV for you! What about the 20 others that also call Jesus a liar? Are you willing to pass them off as scripture?

If the unsaved are thinking people, and study verses like the ones I document in my book, Look What`s Missing, they will see through the lies and inconsistency of these modern Bibles. And they may conclude you believe a lie.

I don`t blame them. It sure looks like it. When my son is out witnessing and confronted by Muslims who say "The Bible has been changed," he replies something like, "You`re right —it has. And I refuse to use those. That`s why I use a King James Bible. It hasn`t been changed."

Brothers and sisters, it`s time to get serious. Get what God really said. In English it`s the King James Bible, nothing added, nothing taken away, nothing changed. Get it, read it, trust it, act on it.

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