This Foreign Missionary Works in Downtown Toronto

Jim lives in Toronto, Canada and has made a specialty of distributing foreign language tracts. He drives a van and has a file box in it containing some of each of the more common (and not so common) Chick foreign language tracts. With a separate folder for each language, he is able to immediately pull out a tract in that language.

As Jim goes about town, he is ever alert for any sign of people who speak a different language. When he hears a conversation he doesn't understand he will approach them and ask what language they are speaking. When they say "Italian" or "Czech" or "Turkish," etc. he will say, "Please wait here a moment. I have something for you."

He then goes to his file box for tracts in that language and watches as their faces light up when they recognize their language. He usually gets profuse thanks and goes away knowing that a few more people are going to get the gospel.

He says one fellow in a wheel chair got so excited that he nearly jumped out of it when Jim gave him a tract in Turkish. Another group he approached said that they were speaking "Farsi." He even had tracts in that language. They asked, "How did you get our language?" He replied, "I have a friend who speaks Farsi." Jim says he was referring to his friend, Jesus.

As he drives, Jim watches for businesses, such as restaurants, that have foreign names or sell foreign food. If he can tell the language, he will take in tracts in that language to give to the managers.

By having his tracts organized, he can quickly reach for the right language. These opportunities exist in all cities and even smaller towns as the peoples of the world get increasingly mixed.

Chick Publications has tracts in over 100 languages. Jim proves that you don't have to go as a foreign missionary to minister to these precious people who have come to us, instead.