UK 'Death Template' Kills 130,000 a Year

The murder of over 50 million innocent babies while still in the womb has opened the door for "disposing" of people at the other end of life. To see where this may be going, we need only look at England, where this type of socialized medicine has been in force for several years. A recent LifeSiteNews article quoted a UK doctor that 130,000 elderly patients were prematurely "killed every year by a 'death pathway.`"

Two major hospitals developed the "Liverpool Care Pathway," (LCP) a "template to guide the care of the dying." Since then it has been adopted nationwide and approved by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), "the government`s health scrutiny body in charge of rationing health services." Once a patient is placed on that "pathway," water and nourishment is withdrawn and "continuous deep sedation" leads to death in a matter of hours.

This doctor cited one case where he personally removed a patient from the LCP in spite of "significant resistance." He revived and was sent home in a month to live with his family for another 14 months.

It is estimated that half of the medical cost in the U.S. occurs in the last six months of life. With the government taking charge of health care, this expense is one of the first to be targeted by their rationing plan.

Unfortunately, this is only one of the symptoms of our sin-sick culture. In healthier times, more families followed biblical principles of eating, honesty, and care for one another. This required less medical care and government assistance or intervention. The American "experiment" has abundantly proven that a Godly family, imbedded in a church that faithfully teaches God`s word, is the bedrock of a free and prosperous nation.

When we allowed godless men to take over our educational system and infiltrate our churches, we started legalizing sin. Drunkenness, gambling, abortion, homosexuality and greedy usury all became legal and acceptable. Since "righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people," America has moved from God`s blessing to God`s curse. (See Prov. 14:34.)

We are getting fatigued with news stories about nations and local governments that cannot pay their bills. And it`s always the same tune: "it is costing too much to support the older members of their societies... not enough younger ones to work and pay the bill." But let`s not forget that the generation who is terrified that there is no money to pay benefits is the very generation that found it "inconvenient" to have children.

Through abortion, tens of millions have been slaughtered. And now, those tens of millions are desperately needed in the workforce to earn a living and pay taxes to support their parents. And the generation who found it so easy to kill their children before birth is beginning to reap what has been sown. There is justice, after all.

As America marches ever deeper into sin, legally killing the old and useless people to save money appears to be the next step. A generation ago, families were generally able to care for their aging ones, at no cost to the government. Now, because of no-fault divorce, the treadmill of keeping up with the Joneses, mounting credit card debt, and the desire to "let the government do it," we face another ungodly choice.

Bible believers must speak up against this slippery slope of evil. The Chick tract, Who Murdered Clarice? is an eloquent exposure of the horrors of abortion both here and at the day of judgment. Other tracts all call us to righteousness, the only thing that "exalteth a nation."

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