Vatican Now Trying to Steal the KJV

"If it had not been for the Catholics of the 1500s there would be no King James Bible."

If it were possible, 60 million corpses would be "turning over in their graves" in response to the arrogance of this lie. Cary Summers, organizer of a recent Bible exhibit in the Vatican is quoted by the Catholic News Agency during a CNA tour of the display. Summers goes on to explain: "Many of the original bibles that formed the basis of the King James Bible came from Catholic priests. Very few changes were made. The ancient writings that the King James writers actually mimicked and copied were by Catholic priests."

What appalling hypocrisy that popery would believe that the world has forgotten their bloody inquisition that slaughtered millions of Bible believers who stood on the KJV as God`s word for the common man.

The Bible exhibit, called Verbum Domini (Word of the Lord) is an unprecedented collection of some 40,000 artifacts. It is another ploy by the pope to coax members of other "faiths" into his ecumenical trap. Rare Jewish, Protestant and Orthodox artifacts are included to "manifest a 'shared love of God`s word` that exists among those religions."

Central to the display was the Green Collection, "...the world`s newest and largest private collection of rare biblical texts and artifacts," named for the Steve Green family, owners of the arts and crafts retailer, Hobby Lobby.

In order to shed more light on the boldness of this lie, BATTLE CRY interviewed David W. Daniels, author of the book, Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible?

BC: What have you found in your research as the connection of Roman Catholicism to the KJV?

Daniels: The Vatican has it backwards. Rome would not have a Bible to pervert, if it were not for the preserved words of God that we have in the King James Bible.

BC: So, how did this come about?

Daniels: There are two streams of bibles: the preserved stream that flows right through history with God`s faithful people passing it down word for word, from generation to generation, from hiding place to hiding place, until the printing press enabled them to spread it openly for the whole world to enjoy. This stream ends at a fountain of life, the KJV.

BC: Was the pope part of this process?

Daniels: Absolutely! The popes fought it every inch of the way. And from the beginning, the Devil used his scholars, (who, by the way, couldn`t agree on anything) to create a second stream of manuscripts, full of contradictions and perversions. The "Whore of Babylon" (See Rev. 17 and 18) hated the preserved Bible. But they couldn`t kill all the believers or simply substitute their own bible, because God kept His promise to preserve His words. As Jesus said: "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."

BC: So, they switched tactics?

Daniels: Yes. Since burning Bibles (and people at the stake), failed to stop God`s preserved words in the KJV, Rome claimed to "fix" it with "scholarly" and "easier to read" bibles, switching the text to the perverted manuscripts.

Westcott and Hort aided the plot by pasting together a Greek New Testament from the polluted stream of manuscripts. Now Christians are bombarded with so many fake bibles that nobody knows what to believe. Solid faith in God`s Bible has been replaced by Satan`s doubt-making "Yea, hath God said?" So popes can take credit for most bibles on the market—but not the KJV.

For complete details of these two streams, see Did the Catholic Church give us the Bible? available from Chick Publications.

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