'We Couldn't Pass Them Out Fast Enough'

Here is a letter from a Chick customer about her experience at a previous Halloween outreach. Share it with your church to inspire them to use this once-a-year witnessing opportunity.

I wanted to drop you a note and tell you what a blessed opportunity Halloween turned out to be. I had used your suggestions to present the church board with the idea of a church-sponsored outreach that night. I gave each board member a Chick tract wrapped in the picture of the kids you had on your web site. They weren`t thrilled at the new idea but couldn`t deny the potential and they approved the outreach. We purchased 500 Chick tracts, Happy Halloween, Somebody Goofed and The Little Ghost. To make it easier to hand out, we made Jesus Loves You sandwich bags with pieces of candy and the tracts.

We used the trick-or-tract idea of hitting the streets handing out the bags to not only the children but also the adults who were at their houses handing out candy.

We left 100 bags at the church for the kids who showed up. The Lord blessed me by providing a woman from another church to go out with me. We were one team and we also had another couple with 100 tract bags stationed at a local park which provided alternative activities for the kids.

They were in charge of giving the kids free horseback rides. As they dismounted they were handed a tract bag, which they gleefully received as they raced off.

 My friend and I went to one and a half neighborhoods which were shoulder to shoulder with kids and adults on the sidewalks. The cars were having to move so slowly that we were able to pass the tract bags out to them as well. I gotta tell you we just barely kept up with the demand. We couldn`t pass them out fast enough.

In two hours we passed out 300 tracts and were able to witness to some. Over at the park they passed out all 100 tract bags. When I finally had time to breath I looked around and realized that all those tracts would end up in the house with Mom and Dad as they checked the candy their kids had gotten.

We were so well received on the streets. No rejections, none. It was incredible for our first time doing the Halloween outreach. We had run out of tracts and there was still such a potential for handing out more.

There was also a huge opportunity to minister to people on the streets after dark. People that night are so open to being approached and talked to by a stranger.

It is an unbelievable chance to take the gospel out of the four walls of the church building and be His arms reaching out, His feet moving in and amongst a dark and dying world.

The people at the church who are normally the "hide out on Halloween" types are now excited about next year`s possibilities. With four teams of two adults each we could easily give the gospel message to 1000`s in just hours and I`m in a small town in Kentucky!

God`s word does not go out and return void. We prayed over the tracts that each one would be read. We prayed for the kids and adults, whose eyes are blinded, to see the truth. Truly it is an incredible blessing and sad at the same time. It`s hard to explain. Next year, God willing, we`ll be out on the streets again. Thanks for the tracts!

Glory be to our God and King!
Kim B

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