What is Sharia?

Seldom heard of just a few years ago, sharia (or shariah) law has rapidly emerged from the shadows. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback recently signed a new law that courts in the state must rely exclusively on U.S. state and federal laws for all rulings.

It does not specifically mention sharia, the religious civil code imposed on all Muslim nations, but it would certainly be included. Kansas is not alone. 20 other states are considering such laws and three have already enacted similar statutes. Oklahoma approved a ballot initiative by a 70 percent vote specifically targeting sharia but federal courts have stopped its implementation.

So, why all the sudden interest? It is becoming obvious that the so-called "radical Muslims" are more than just a fringe element in Islam and that even the "moderate" Muslims (such as Jordan and Saudi Arabia) have no plans to tolerate Western freedoms when they have enough power to overthrow them.

The Muslim way of life, dictated by sharia law, leaves no room for prized Western tolerance, "multiculturalism," and religious freedom. We take these so for granted that it is hard for us to imagine any other way to live. However, our involvement in Muslim countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and the middle east has exposed the sordid treatment of women and raw tribalism of that culture.

Western hospitality has welcomed millions with this mindset. As we watch their failure to assimilate as generations of other immigrants have done, concern is growing. And the threat is very real. One need only look to Europe. France has Muslim enclaves that are no-go areas for local police. England has whole communities where polygamy, honor killings, jihad indoctrination, flogging of children and women are practiced. Non-Muslims are not welcome or even afraid to enter these areas.

One school teacher in England wrote a telling letter how things have changed since the school chose to accommodate the influx of Muslim students: "Out went nativity plays and in came winter festivals, no making of Easter cards drawing pictures of Easter bunnies, no art classes drawing your friend`s face, in came halal meat for school dinners without asking all parents.

"Boys and girls are to sit apart. No changing for PE for girls. No mixed swimming lessons. No admiring of the teacher`s litter of tiny puppies. No after-school activities. Little girls cocooned in nicabs and hijabs, quiet and demure, and as I have discovered, with sore welts on their backs for not making prayers correctly. One such little child with welts on her back disclosed to me that her brother of 13 years had also been badly beaten and sent away to relatives in another city so as not to have the acts discovered." (From Europe News, May 24, 2012.)

No need to study sharia law; just look at the results when it is in force. As Jack Chick explains in his new tract, Camel's In The Tent, Islam is a cruel and oppressive culture relentlessly determined to take over the world for Allah. They rightly claim that Western culture has deteriorated into decadence and they are out to overthrow it. But what they plan to put in its place will end the way of life as we know it. Anyone who does not submit to sharia will simply be executed.

Biblical Christianity is the only force that can stop them, but we have capitulated our culture to godless humanism which is spiritually toothless. One Jewish Rabbi recently admitted on the Glen Beck show that the only hope for the West was a revival of Evangelical Christianity. Chick Publications is also re-releasing the tract, Sky Lighter, along with Camel's In The Tent to provide a wake-up call against this attack on our freedom to get the gospel out to the world.

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