Why Don't More People Witness?

Author Mark Cahill says that the "two biggest reasons that people do not share their faith is that they are scared to get rejected and they don't know how." Through his speaking and writing, he has dedicated his life to helping sincere believers fix these two problems.

In his book, One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven, Cahill tells story after story of his own witnessing experiences to demonstrate "how-to" techniques that avoid rejection. Not all people that he witnesses to accept his message but his approach quickly sorts out those who are interested without offending the others.

He says that one essential factor is showing people you truly care about them. Cahill illustrates this by asking: "How do you see your coworkers? How do you see the people who walk past you every day? We must view them as valuable, as the Lord does; then there won't be anything we wouldn't do to help them come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ."

When your heart is truly filled with concern for the sinner, your manner automatically shows you care. "When you are friendly and smile, people usually respond the same way. So the nicer you are, the more likely they will talk with you or accept a tract from you," Cahill points out.

When it comes to tracts, he hands them out when personal conversation is not possible. Walking through airline terminals or malls, he asks with a friendly smile: "Did you get one of these?" At the entrance to a ball game he will say, "Enjoy the game," and extend a tract. Most will take it. After the game starts, he goes to the parking lot and places tracts on the cars.

Another use of tracts is to give one as a gift after a conversation. "The tract has a lot more meaning to them because it came from someone who cared enough to talk to them about eternity," Cahill believes. In fact, he has been approached by people who received a tract from him a year ago and they still remembered what it said and where it was on top of their desk. Obviously they had read it more than once.

One lady walked up to him and asked, "What have you got for me this time?" She knew exactly which ones she had gotten from him before. Cahill says, "It began with tracts and ended with a couple of conversations and some more tracts!"

One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven is a major challenge and a valuable guidebook for anyone who wants to enlarge his obedience to the great commission. It is hard to complete reading it and still have the fear of rejection and claim ignorance of how to witness.

Cahill gets emails from 11-year-olds to 80-year-olds who have read the book and found the boldness to begin sharing their faith. One pastor wrote Cahill that he read the book in one sitting and ended up on his knees weeping, repenting for his coldness for the lost.

With 100,000 in print, One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven is encouraging soul winners in many places. One prison ministry claims that the book is mentioned by prisoners more often than any other besides the Bible. One prisoner wrote Cahill directly that his fear of witnessing was gone after he read the book. He had already shared his faith with 6 other inmates "with many more to come!"

Cahill says, "Many people have told me that they have always wanted to verbally share their faith as well as using tracts, and after reading the book that they can now do both."

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