A Chick Tract Filled the Gap

By Chaplain Dann

Even after 17 years in the prison ministry the Lord continually shows me new ways to use tracts.

Church groups who wish to minister in prison often need to be sponsored by someone already known to the prison officials.

I have sponsored many such groups over the years. Occasionally a group will have to cancel at the last minute and the sponsor must fill in.

One such time I was faced with about 100 inmates at the beginning of a 2 hour service and had to come up with something to fill in. In my carry bag I found I had about 200 copies of the Chick tract, This Was Your Life. I gave each inmate two copies. Then I had them all open one copy and we started at the beginning of the tract and read it together. When we came to a scripture I asked someone who had a Bible to stand and read the verse. I would then make sure no one had any questions before we moved to the next page.

When we finished I asked if anyone there realized from reading the tract that they were not saved and wanted to pray the sinner's prayer at the end of the tract. Seven men prayed the sinner's prayer that night.

Then I asked if anyone knew what the second tract was for. Someone guessed right, that it was to take and read to someone who was not saved, just like we had done in the service.

For several weeks after that when I visited the prison, one of the men from that service would come up to me and introduce me to a new brother in Christ that he had led to the Lord using that second tract.

What a joy to see how the Holy Spirit works in the lives of these forgotten men.

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