Baptists Included in List of 'Dangerous Sects' in Europe

Homicides and suicides related to religious cults in Europe are causing the European Parliament and several individual countries to begin monitoring a wide range of religious groups which they believe to be "dangerous sects." The Washington Times reports that Germany has a list of 800, Belgium 187, and France 172 including some Baptists and charismatics as well as Mormons, Quakers and Hasidic Jews. Even some Roman Catholic groups such as Opus Dei are included.

Most of Europe has been largely secular or non-religious for a couple of centuries. Some rationalists are "quite angry that religion is not disappearing."

While the European nations are jockeying to form a new economic union, evidence is surfacing that freedom of trade and religious freedom may not go together. The pope has expressed a desire to see Europe return to it's "Christian roots." Most of those roots were not in Biblical soil, but in the barren rocks of pagan-based Catholicism. Bible believers were hunted like animals during much of Europe's history. In eastern Europe, the freedom of worship enjoyed immediately after Communism fell is being quickly squashed by Romanism's sister harlot, Eastern Orthodoxy.

Baptists have long been publicly and violently denounced in Europe because they insisted on re-baptizing the converts from Roman Catholicism. Called Ana-baptists (which means re-baptizers), they refused to accept the apostate Roman Church's teaching of baptismal regeneration. This unbiblical doctrine, that the act of baptism erased original sin, was one of the first departures from the true gospel by false teachers in the early church. A millennium later, when the popes crowned and deposed European kings at will, the Bible believers who dared stand against Catholicism's pagan teaching were hunted down and executed by unbelievable tortures.

As we watch the current attempt to organize Europe again into a modern Holy Roman Empire, will the Bible believing "rebaptizers" become the "dangerous sects?" Is the stage being set for another holocaust? We need to remember that Hitler executed nearly 11 million people. Only 6 million were Jews. The rest included other "undesirables" such as Gypsies, Baptists and other Bible believers.

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