4th Grader Teaches Principal A Lesson in Free Speech

School kids often face hostility from school officials when they pass out tracts. This fourth grader refused to back down and won a major victory.

8,000 Per Day Converting from Catholicism Pope's Grip Loosening in Latin America

A frail pope recently completed a desperate trip to the last major Roman Catholic continent to try to re-lock the spiritual jail where 8000 people per day are escaping to freedom in Christ.

A Message from David Daniels

Controversies are raging all around us. Let's respond with the gospel while we still can.

Archbishop Says Muslim Law in Britain "Unavoidable"

"I am fed up with being under the thumb of this population [Muslim immigrants] which is destroying us, destroying our country and imposing its acts," Bardot said.

As Israel and the PLO Negotiate, The Pope Makes His Bid for Jerusalem

For a diplomatic figure to stand up in Jerusalem and declare Israel's occupation of that city to be "illegal" is hardly newsworthy today.

Baptists Included in List of 'Dangerous Sects' in Europe

Homicides and suicides related to religious cults in Europe are causing the European Parliament and several individual countries to begin monitoring a wide range of religious groups which they believe to be "dangerous sects."

Canadian 'Hate Speech' Laws a Warning to U.S.

Canada is becoming an object lesson for those in the U.S. who are pushing to make "hate speech" illegal.

Cardinal Calls Immigrant Bill a 'Vicious' Assault

A bill on immigrant reform that passed the House of Representatives in December has been attacked by Cardinal Roger Mahony as a "vicious" assault on immigrants.

Castro Welcomes Pope, Harasses Home Churches

Pope John Paul II's visit to Cuba was seen by the world as a giant step for "religious freedom" in this last of the closed communist societies. But for bible-believers it was business as usual.

Catholicism and Islam: Two Similar Gospels

Pope Francis admits Islam and Catholicism have a similar goal: conquest. That`s NOT the gospel.

Court Declares Door-to-Door Witnessing Protected

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled 8-1 that local governments cannot require a permit to do door-to-door witnessing or political campaigning.

Court Nixes ACLUs Ten Commandments Tirade

The ACLU arguments get slapped down hard, when they tried to erase all reference to America's spiritual history and heritage from a public display.

Court Strips Parents of Education Rights

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has decreed that parents should have no control over what the school decides to teach their child.

Dept. of Education Clarifies Free Speech Rights of Students

Education Secretary Rod Paige has recently issued new guidance documents detailing religious freedom in the public schools.

Dr. Rivera's 15-Year-Old Claims Verified by Current Events

In 1985, ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera predicted that the Vatican would eventually apologize for its part in the German Holocaust, the inquisition, and the slaughter of Jews and Muslims during the Crusades.

Freedom to Sin Replacing Freedom of Religion

The anti-religion drive is not so much against all religions, but specifically against biblical Christianity. Most others: Islam, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., are tolerated or welcomed into our 'multicultural' society. Tolerance applies to everyone but Jesus.

Homosexual Militants Eying Our Basic Freedoms

Homosexual activists move one step closer to their ultimate goal.

Hong Kong Protests More Than Political

Beijing's decades-old effort to stamp out spiritual belief may finally be falling apart.

Is The Vatican Broke?

From time to time, news reports surface that the Vatican will run some $50 million in the red for the current year.

Latin American Bishop Declares 'Holy War' on Soul Winners

Evangelical churches in Brazil have been threatened with "holy war" if all soul winning of Catholics does not stop immediately.

New Pope Speaks for Political Salvation

The new Jesuit pope continues his campaign for unity of world religions but now has spoken in favor of the forces driving toward one-world government.

Orthodox Church Persuades Russia to Outlaw Bible Believing Churches

When the Iron Curtain was dismantled in the early 1990s and missionaries were welcomed into the crumbling Soviet Union, many observers feared that the window of opportunity would be short lived.

Part III: In Bed With The Rulers

Not only does Rome's pope call himself the vicar of Christ, but the Church he heads claims to be the one true Church and the bride of Christ.

Polish Protestants Fear Treaty Will Bring Vatican Stranglehold

Polish President Lech Walesa has charged that his parliament's delay in signing a concordat, or treaty, with the Vatican shows "disregard of the Apostolic See."

Pope Francis Making a Sharper Left Turn

He has decided that humanism and big government can help him consolidate papal power.

Pope Francis: 10 Years of A New Kind of Pope

During his tenure as pope, Francis has pushed his plan for a happy world where everyone loves everyone and mother earth, too. The threat of climate change is his tool to get everyone to agree with his plan.

Pope Still Eyeing Jerusalem

As mankind continues to fight over the plight of Jerusalem, God has promised He will have the last word.

Pope Using the Pandemic to Beat the Drum for Unity

Many of the powerful in this world are trying to leverage the coronavirus pandemic to their own advantage. Not the least of these is Pope Francis.

Pope Wants UN to Become 'Moral Center'

Pope John Paul II has used several public speeches and personal meetings this year to push for more UN control of world problems.

Popery Moving to Fill Spiritual Vacuum in Unified Europe.

Of course, the pope's brand of "Christian" has little to do with biblical Christianity but is much about power over political leaders.

Prayer in Schools: Would It Work?

Outraged over the inroads of humanism and atheism in our schools, more and more Christians now favor the return of prayer to public school classrooms.

Roman Church Still Claims Supreme Authority Over the World

Someone said that the conflict in Iraq is not a war but only a skirmish in a larger war.

Roman 'Giant' Waking From Long Sleep in Mexico

"Like a giant waking from a long sleep, Mexico's Catholic church is beginning to stir," reports the British magazine The Economist.

Rome's New Velvet Glove Make-Over

The Vatican has finally figured out how to stop Christians from witnessing to Catholics.

Symbol of Papal Power Many Don't Know What It Means

Wherever he goes, the insignia of John Paul II is displayed, emblazoned on the "popemobile," hung from stages and high on posts at outdoor masses.

The Devil’s Plot Against Families —Nearly Successful?

There is little in God's creation more hated by Satan than families.

The Pope Has A Plan To Fix the World

He recommends we concentrate political authority in a new world order under control of the U.N.

They're After Your Children!

For years laws in California and some other states have been passed that allow gay advocates more and more access to your child. But there IS something you can do.

UN Has a New Plan for World Peace

It's true, the planet is in a mess. But the pope's fix is rooted in human wisdom and political power, rather than hearts changed by the Spirit of God.

Universities Becoming Battlefield for Christians

As home schooled students move on to higher education they soon learn they must confront a hostile world.

Why Care About the Jesuits?

Since only 5% of Jesuits actually become priests, where are the other 95%? How are they influencing the world today?

World Government One Step Closer with International Criminal Court

Delegates from more than 150 nations met in Rome in June to pencil a treaty establishing an International Criminal Court (ICC).

Your Rights When Street Witnessing

Where do you stand with the law when you take the gospel to the streets?