How We Reached Our In-Laws for Christ

With the impending arrival of the inlaws for Christmas, we were praying hard and strategically placed tracts and comics around the house. We continued to pray that nothing would stop them from reading them. Within a week they were asking all the heavy questions. We led them through the scriptures one night and they prayed to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour - praise the Lord. God is really blessing and using your ministry
A.L., the internet

I am on disability and live out in the country. For me to have a ministry seemed pretty hopeless, never-the-less, I asked God to give me one. Faith in these prayers were a bit of a struggle until I discovered Chick tracts. Now when I go anywhere I leave your tracts everywhere.
R.P., Madill, OK

I must testify of how your publications have blessed me. Although I've studied many books in seminary, none have been interesting or have taught me more than your tracts. Most books in a seminary do not teach the power of God, and if you don't believe in God's power you have already lost, for we must have faith in order to please him.

As long as I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus I will work with and support Chick Publications. If it were not for Chick tracts I would not be a minister today.
B.B., Wilmore, KY

I want to thank you for your web-site and your continuing to stand firm. My husband and I were saved in 1978 and have used your tracts and comics for many years for witnessing. Now in our 60's, we still drop your tracts here and there.
M.L, Internet

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