Chick Mail Bag Jan-2009

Dear Chick Publications,
...thank you for providing so much information at the click of a mouse. You see I was a Catholic. I left about a year ago when I just knew deep down inside me something was not right. I started to read the Bible and started having more and more questions. You  see my whole family is Catholic and that is what I was brought up in. Through  leaving the Catholic Church my Mom got mad at me and would not speak to me for a month. This was hard for me. During this struggle I did not know what to do. I knew God did not want me in that Church but I was so close to Mom and Dad and they did not approve. Even being raised Catholic I did not know what we believed or even stood for. A friend turned me on to your webpage and it has taught me so much.  I believe your authors know more about the Catholics then the Catholic people know about their own faith.

If they knew what their Church believes it would be hard for anybody to stay in that faith. You see, with the information you have armed me with, I am now witnessing to my family. They are starting to come around. I am also witnessing now at work. They haven`t fired me yet. I work in the maintenance department for a Catholic retirement home for nuns. I have made this my own little mission field every day. Thank you for arming me with The Word.       
Patrick B., IN

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