Chick Mail Bag Mar-2000

Saved by Chick tract thrown on ground...
Since our last letter two young girls have received Jesus as their Savior. Both are 16 years old. One saved from "Somebody Loves Me" and "The Sissy" and the other saved from reading "Back From the Dead". We just had a young woman join our church. She was saved about two years or so ago from a Chick tract that someone had thrown on the ground downtown one Sunday evening where we were handing out tracts."
R.P., Taiwan

"Angel of Light" very uplifting...
I read one of your comic books called Angel of Light and it was very... how can I say... very uplifting. I was thinking about becoming a Mason and thank the Lord I didn't.
C.M., Ft. Worth, TX

Catholics (I was one) are not Christians...
I was born and brought up a Catholic. I hated anything that was contrary to the teaching and tradition of the Roman Catholic Institution. I was one of the Roman Catholic extremists. I was also devoted to the blessed Virgin Mary. But one morning God sent a boy from a Christian Youth Fellowship to me. He preached to me about Christ and later told me that Catholics are not Christians, — that I should separate myself from them if I really want to become a true child of God. At this point, I became annoyed with him and asked him to leave. But before he departed he handed over to me some of your Crusader magazines. I did not hesitate to go through them. Then I knelt down and asked Christ to come into my life. After this prayer, I experienced a kind of joy in my heart which I cannot express here."
B.A., Anambra State, Nigeria

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