Chick Mail Bag May-2006

Even though I was using drugs, I'd get convicted when I'd see those tracts [left] on newspaper stands. God used Chick tracts to convict my heart.
T.C. - CA

These tracts are like dynamite down here!
D.C. - Missionary in Venezuela

My bank teller always asks me "do you have any Chick tracts?" One day another teller came up behind her and said, "There are new ones?" She snatched the new tract from the counter. My teller confessed with a little smile, "We fight over them!"
M.H. - Katy, TX

I am a Navy vet. This tract, The Chaplain, hits me the most because I SAW individuals like that chaplain [in the tract] who hid behind their degrees or church labels instead of the Word of God. Of course there are true blue chaplains who are fearless in their faith in the Holy Book!! It took great courage to print a tract like this. Please continue to pray for our COURAGEOUS troops and GOD bless!!!
R.C. - E-mail

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