Chick Mail Bag May-2009

I also want to say that I love Chick tracts. The first one I ever read made me cry. I found it in a Wal-Mart bathroom. It was Tiny Shoes.
M. R.., E-mail

The bank teller always asks me "do you have any books?" (Chick tracts) and one day another teller came up behind her and said, "There are new ones?" and snatched one of the Chick tracts from the counter. Whereupon the first teller gave me a little smile and confessed, "We fight over them." Another time, a teller from another bank branch where I had mailed a deposit and enclosing a Chick tract, called me on the phone at home to thank me for the little book.
M. H., Katy, TX

I have been buying your tracts for 20 years now. I can`t believe it has been that long since that fateful day when, as a lonely GI stationed at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, I picked up what appeared to be a pint sized comic book. It was blue and had a woman holding up her baby for some man to kiss. The funny thing was, all the people had "666" written across their heads. It was The Beast. I had just been saved the year before and I had heard of the number 666, but I knew very little about it. Having plenty of time to read I read this pint sized comic book. I read it again! And again!. And again! My zeal to serve the Lord took off like a rocket that day and it has never been the same.
P. L., Lacey`s Spring, AL

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