Chick Mail Bag July-2007

Just recently we had some major flooding in New Jersey causing many to leave their homes. The college I work for was a shelter for the flood victims. Close to 99% of the people were Spanish and were about 300-350 staying in our gym. I had close to 500 Spanish Chick tracts that I had ordered and put them on a table for the people to read. It only took about 2 hours and every tract was taken and not one was found on the ground or ended in the trash. I feel it was a great way to reach so many that had nothing else to do while waiting to be able to return to their homes. My Spanish Chick Tract ministry is growing and I am so grateful to you for making it possible.
Reinhold, N.J.

Recently I stopped at a sub shop for lunch and left a copy of Somebody Loves Me in my booth. On my way out to the car a worker called me back to the store, waving the tract in her hand. She asked me if it was mine and I told her that I had left it in there in order to share the good news of Jesus. Tears welled up in her eyes as she confessed to having thoughts of suicide. I motioned her to sit down and she prayed there with me to dedicate her life to Christ!
N. H., FL

In 1975 while on a naval ship for six months I was first introduced to Chick tracts. A faithful soul kept leaving them around the ship. Before long our compartment had a stock of different titles which were kept on the table. Being at sea the men, including myself, used to read them over and over again. I made a weak commitment to the Lord but left for the world. When working at a factory in the early 80`s, again I ran into your tracts. I felt the call of God and have been with Jesus ever since. I now use Chick comics to reach the lost.