Chick Mail Bag Sep-2000

Tears Welled up in Her Eyes...
"Recently I stopped at a sub shop for lunch and left a copy of Somebody Loves Me in my booth. On my way out to the car a worker called me back to the store, waving the tract in her hand. She asked me if it was mine and I told her that I had left it in there in order to share the good news of Jesus. Tears welled up in her eyes as she confessed to having thoughts of suicide. I motioned her to sit down and she prayed there with me to dedicate her life to Christ!"
N.H., Leesburg, FL

Used to Pray to Virgin Mary...
I am an ex-Catholic. I now serve Jesus Christ 100%. I used to pray to the Virgin Mary but I now pray to the Lord of lords and King of kings, Jesus Christ. After reading one of your tracts I accepted the Lord Jesus in my life.
S.R., Lovelady, TX

Thank you for saving my life...
That may sound overly dramatic but I assure you that I am not overstating the case. I have been addicted to glue-sniffing for many years. It was only through the Word of God that I was able to overcome my terrible addiction, and I first heard the good news through your fine publications.

It all began many years ago, when I was 15, a so-called friend gave me an album of rock music. This began a twenty-year long downward spiral into the very depths of hell itself. And to think it started with something as innocent as some music.

I soon graduated from listening to rock music to sniffing glue. Nothing could stop me in my craved lust for more dope. That is, until I came across one of your pamphlets, quite by accident. My life was changed forever. Since then I have worked very hard to help drug addicts, alcoholics everywhere.

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