Chick Mail Bag

Chick tracts open doors
I was out door-knocking for the church. A lady that came to the door was not very receptive to my message and rudely started to close the door. I happened to catch sight of one of her boys next to her and turned to him and said, "Would you like a free comic?" "Ya!" He said excitedly taking the tract and disappearing back into the house yelling to more children, "Come on and get a free comic!" Four more kids came to the door for their free comic and disappeared again. Their mother with a changed tone of voice said, "Would you like to come in?" There on the couch were all five kids each reading a Chick tract. The free tract opened the door and God opened the mother's heart to salvation that day.
G.R., Colorado

Chick tracts get around...
One day I was witnessing to some gypsy and Turkish soldiers how Jesus had saved me from my sins. After I finished my testimony a soldier came to me and told me that he was a believer too. He told me that he found a Chick Tract (This Was Your Life) somewhere while being in the army and read it over and over many times and then prayed God to forgive him his sins and trusted the Lord Jesus Christ to save him. Then the soldier pulled out the Chick tract and showed it to me. Praise God for His marvelous works and for His ways which He uses to lead us to the Savior!
D.S., Bulgaria

I was afraid...
I am a Muslim by birth and I have a friend who is a Christian. He likes me so much that he gave me some of your books to read. When I read them I was afraid, especially The Prophet. When I read that Mohammed was not sent by God to be a prophet, I gave my life to Jesus!
S.A., Nigeria

I am no longer confused...
I ride the public bus route. Every other day I would find a tract laying on the seat or on the bus floor. I used to think that good works would get me to heaven. I also used to be a Muslim at the ages of 8-11. I always felt that something was wrong because nothing seemed right in Islam. I started reading your tracts and something moved me. I and my husband got saved. I am no longer confused about my life and now I understand the true meaning of it.
T. B., Texas

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