Chick Mail Bag Nov-2004

I am a Navy Seal and right now I am stationed in Panama. We travel a lot to other countries teaching the military units there how to fight their own drug war. We just went on a three week trip to Columbia with 15 members of my platoon and a group of Special Boat Unit Personnel. I gave out some of your tracts and every soul there read them. In the last few months two members of my platoon have had their sins washed away in the precious blood of Jesus.
M.F., Panama

I gave one of This Was Your Life tracts to my buddy. About a year and a half later he gave me a call one night and he was crying. He said, "You know there has been a lot of things wrong with my life. Remember that tract you gave me?" I said, "Darren, you got saved didn't you?" He said, "I sure did." That was the same tract that got me back on track with the Lord years earlier. Then I became a soul-winner.
D.C., Heightsville, MD

I wish to say how blessed I've been by reading and passing out your tracts. They are a great and effective witnessing tool! Powerful! I read This Was Your Life on a school bus when I was in 8th grade, and its images haunted me till I became moved at age 25. I knew that the content of the tract was "Truth." I just didn't want to be accountable. Praise God that His grace rescued me from the lake of fire and your tract was instrumental in planting the Word of God in my mind till it finally bore fruit.
K.K., Williamstown, MA

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