Chick Mail Bag January/February 2014

My wife and I are involved in ministry to the homeless here in Portland, OR. We bring Chick tracts with us when we go on outreach. The ones we meet are enjoying receiving the tracts, and some have commented how they saw them years ago. When we are at the rescue mission we have them on display and the ones coming in take them. Some even pass them on to others they meet. Thought you would like to hear how the booklets are ministering among the thousands of homeless here.
L.R. Facebook

I am a criminal defense attorney and give Chick tracts to my clients, leave them in doctor's offices, malls, bills....etc. My husband and I also send them to state prisoners. Such a satisfying personal ministry. We hope our 19 month old son will soon get involved! We are humbled that God has called us to be a part of this quiet but mighty work in the Kingdom.
M. K., Facebook

I leave them [Chick tracts] wherever I go and with whoever will accept them. They were instrumental in my salvation and my kids read mine whenever I get a new title.
C.S., Facebook

I LOVE Chick tracts! Great way to connect to all ages. They are direct and to the point, and there is nothing like them!
S.P., Facebook