Chick Mail Bag May/June 2011

I LOVE chick tracts, I got saved from a tract Holy Joe during the Viet-Nam war and have been passing them out ever since, thank you Mr. Chick!
V.C., Facebook Post

It`s about time!!!! I am so excited that you made a women`s version of This Was Your Life titled You Have A Date. I have a letter writing ministry and write to women. I`ve always used This Was Your Life and now can use the women`s version also. Thank you so much. I love your tracts.
D.P., Facebook Post

Wow! So glad to find you on facebook! I read these little tracts when I was a kid and still have some! Loved them —favorite is Somebody Loves Me. Always makes me cry.
S.L., Facebook

Thank you for providing a shy Christian like me with the opportunity to "plant" the word of God in shopping malls and car windshields.
F.T., OH

...back in 1973 I read This Was Your Life shared by a friend. The part that struck me was the people being cast into hell. I was brought up as a Lutheran and never was told that part, but I saw it again while in college and immediately remembered it. That tract played a major part in me getting saved.
S.W., CA

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