Chick Mail Bag November/December 2011

My mom led me to Christ when I was six. We could not find a good Bible-believing church in our area. For several years, God used Chick tracts almost exclusively to disciple me and give me a foundation in the scriptures. Thank God!
C.S.B., Facebook Post

I've been reading Chick Publications since my teens, and now that I am 32. I still turn to these wonderful readings for reference and testimony. Awesome stuff!
M.Y.M., Facebook Post

I recently ordered the new tract, You Have A Date. It is awesome!!! I love how you used the 10 commandments to show them what sin is. Often in the modern gospel tracts sin is just vaguely mentioned, with no reference to its definition. Thanks for using the law to bring the knowledge of sin! God Bless you!
D.C.E., Facebook Post

Just want you to know about 27 years ago I wanted to take my life. I read a tract that was given to my now ex-husband and gave my life to Jesus Christ.
N.G., NM

Chick tracts and books (Alberto-Catholicism, etc) changed my life and my family's life. I read these back in 1975 and I came out from the Catholic Church. I was an altar boy and graduated from a Catholic School in Massachusetts. The Holy Spirit showed me the truth. At first, my wife and family thought I flipped out. My wife divorced me and had the courts to bring my children to the Catholic Church to my wife on Sunday. I was devastated to say the least. But Jesus told me to hold fast, and then He brought my wife and children and relatives to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. (John 14:6) We give out chick tracts and literature to many souls. Thanks for being faithful to your calling. I have been passing out these tracts for over 35 years.
E. G., Ocala, FL

G. T., from FL called to say that he is a children's pastor and he has been trying to reach his dad with the gospel. His dad is a truck driver and somebody handed his dad the tract The Sissy and his dad got saved!

I am a school teacher and back in 1983 I used to have Chick tracts in my desk. One of my students specifically had been reading the tracts and soon died. The student's mom thanked me so much for the tracts and said that her son accepted Jesus Christ before he died.
J. R., NM

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