Chick Mail Bag November/December 2015

Thank you for the Chick tracts. I am handing them out to cashiers, telling my friends about them (especially the ones on Catholicism).

I put 2 tracts in my mailbox for the mailman and he wrote a note back saying "Thank you!!". Thank you all for making witnessing easy and fun. I will be handing the Halloween ones out at Halloween! Thanks again for all the good witnessing ideas and the witnessing tracts (a tract really pushed me in the right direction). Also One Way has opened up discussion about sin and Jesus with my young children. Keep up the GOD work!
S.V., IA

Thank you so much for the tracts you produce. These are the ones I remember when I served in the Navy. They are perfect and bring many as they also brought me to the knowledge and love of God. They are just what I was looking for bless you all.
T.H., Email

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