Chick Mail Bag September/October 2014

I don't think I miss a day thinking about Chick Publications or my tracts. I drive my car everyday and have a tract on my dash. It took only one Godly woman who gave me one tract (Holy Joe) to change my life forever.
R. W., Facebook

My idea is that I pass out gospel tracts on city sidewalks while holding large, sturdy gospel signs at intersections. When people walk past, I hand them the tract and say "This is for you." About 90% of the time people will take them.
C.D., Email

Going to the beach next week with a box full of Chick tracts. I love putting Going Down in elevators and putting tracts between the slats (fold in half) on boardwalk benches is a favorite too! (keeps the wind from blowing 'em away...)
D.W., Facebook

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