Chick Mailbag: May 2019

J.L., a former Catholic, gave us a call. He said he was given a Chick tract and became "bent out of shape." He found out that what he had been taught was not true, and that, contrary to what his priest had told him, he could know if he was saved. He bought an assortment box of Chick tracts and read through every one of them. When he found himself unable to find any errors, he came out of Catholicism and was born again! He said, "Chick tracts get through our crustiness and stubbornness and melt us." Now, he is an avid soul-winner, sowing numerous Chick tracts.

When I was in Vietnam, we who were Christians in my barracks used to hand out a hundred Chick tracts a month around Camp McDermott in Nha Trang. Many souls received Christ that we knew of at the time, and I trust many more may have received Him through the years afterwards as a result.

Thank you for these wonderful, evangelistic, straight forward cartoon illustrated booklets that make the gospel simple and understandable. I am 55 years old and gave my life to Christ at age 9 after reading a Chick booklet as a child and I am still sharing the gospel with others. These scriptural booklets changed my life and I want to give them to others and pray they are a blessing to them as well!!!

Just last week a disabled veteran at my doctors office received Christ after I gave him tracts each visit. Thank you for your tracts. I put them in a Christian thrift store and over a hundred are taken every few months. I try to hand out at least 5 a day and have many interesting conversations because of them.

I accepted Jesus as my Savior after reading the tract "Sunk" which was handed to me by someone I did not know. I realized I was a sinner and knew I needed forgiveness. I asked Jesus to forgive me.

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