Trucking For Christ

There is a great need to reach the lost traveling up and down America's highways every day. See how one person has tapped into this mission field and what you can do to help.

When It's Not Safe to Die

An excerpt from "One Heartbeat Away", a great witnessing tool to promote discussion with anyone not sure of their eternal destiny.

Pseudo-Scientists Take Another Shot at Manhood

The American Psychological Associations has come out with new guidelines on counseling men. But godless psychologists ignore the spiritual aspect of man's make up.

Christian Pollster Charts Confusion Over Evangelism

Are we doing all we can to reach the lost with the "good news"? Who's responsibility is it, anyway?

Missions Fund Report: May 2019

Your gifts to the Mission Fund are helping supply tracts to missionaries around the world. As one missionary wrote us, he is praying for '...more funds to buy more tracts.'

The "Failure" That Wasn't

This story from a tract user confirms one thing... Chick Tracts DO get read!

"I Was Outraged!"

Angered by the comic, "Alberto", the more he researched it the more his eyes were opened to the truth.

Chick Mailbag: May 2019

A former Catholic tells us he was 'bent out of shape' after receiving a Chick tract.

Message from David W. Daniels

David shares his conversion to Christ and the importance of the Great Commission.