Chick Mailbag

I have been handing Chick Tracts out for many years now and I have used your ideas throughout many situations and what great responses :).

During this [pandemic], I found that putting them in plastic bags and wearing gloves broke the ice with a lot of people.

Also, I know people are consuming large amounts of alcohol due to the social distancing and I have found that putting them in the slots of beer cases has been very effective.

I want to praise the LORD for all you guys do to help our witness.

Jesus bless all of you for printing literally the best tract I have ever handed out. I can remember like it was yesterday: I was sixteen, ruffling through the attic, and found This Was Your Life and, although I didn’t get saved until 15 years later, it had a profound effect on me and really never left me. [Little] did I know I would be handing the same tract out 17 years later.

God is so, so, so good.