Our Children Are the Next LGBT Target

The demons released by the legalization of homosexual behavior are, understandably, targeting the young. Government schools are the battleground. Manhattan Public Grade School 96 is an example. At the end of a student talent show, the male president of the Parent Association, a local drag queen performer, concluded the show in a sparkly black dress and pumps. After gyrating to Iris Chacon “Mambo”, he began a sexually-suggestive writhing on the floor exposing his G-string.

The talent show was emceed by a district superintendent. Apparently, school officials have succeeded in stonewalling attempts by infuriated parents and curious reporters to investigate the incident.

OneNewsNow quoted cultural analyst Janice Crouse who pointed out: “The LGBT activists have gone about as far as they can go in terms of indoctrinating the public, and so now they’re turning to our children.”

An Agenda at the Cost of Innocence

The homosexual activists have succeeded in establishing same-sex marriage as normal in most of the Western World. They are moving on to championing the “transsexual,” someone who believes that they were born with the wrong body parts.

Using the sexual immaturity of children, they are pushing the “born that way” theory showcasing preteen youngsters who show discomfort with their birth sex. They conveniently ignore scientific studies demonstrating that most children who seemed confused, normally grow out of it come puberty.

Parents are being duped into allowing gender-altering hormones and even sex-change surgery. Schools such as the one cited above are the arena. The Minnesota Department of Education provides a “toolkit” advising teachers “how to implement gender identity instruction into the classroom.”

This “toolkit” instructs teachers to stop using gender language such as “boys” and “girls.” Instead, gender-neutral names such as “scholars” and “students” were to be used. Pronouns such as “him,” and “her,’ are to be avoided, and whenever other students use them, they are to be reprimanded. These rules are supposed to apply all the way down to kindergarten.

Students are free to choose, based only on their personal feelings, which gender they prefer, the name they wish to be called, and which bathroom or changing room they want to use. 

Illinois is joining this attack on children through new rules for foster parents and child welfare workers. These workers must “support and respect” the children under their care who may be “exploring” gender identity or sexual orientation. They are forbidden to “impose personal, organizational or religious beliefs on LGBTQ children.”

The Family Research Council sums it up: “If you can’t celebrate the gender confusion of a struggling child, you’re unfit to care-give in the state of Illinois.”

Validation at the Cost of Freedom

This whole drive to validate transgenders takes bizarre turns. In California, a new bill being considered would provide jail time and fines for any employee of a long-time-care facility who uses the wrong pronoun for a person who has chosen a different gender. This follows a recent state regulation forcing businesses to allow transgenders to use any public restroom or changing room of their choice.

Canada has already imposed a number of similar laws. Canada also has the distinction of issuing the first birth certificate without an assigned gender.

Sports teams are experiencing frustration when very robust male-bodied athletes show up against normally female teams. One lady wrestler suffered a few broken bones after being overpowered by a male-muscled opponent. Track and field competitions are also becoming unbalanced by transgenders.

Part of the drive is to undermine parental rights. That will be necessary for a one-world government.

As believers we must stand for the biblical pattern for the family. Saturating your neighborhood with no-nonsense gospel tracts can go a long way toward turning people back to the Bible.

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