'Chopped-up Comic' Still Leads Prisoner to Christ

The following letter came to prison ministry Mission Possible from a female prisoner in Texas.

I never knew anything about God or Jesus or church or Christians, but I had, on several occasions, whispered an "SOS" prayer to someone somewhere when I got into trouble. One day while I was walking from my cell I saw a half-torn-up comic book being passed around. When I asked about it I was told it was a Crusading book from "Schick." I shrugged it off because I wasn't interested in a razor blade book but pretty soon it showed up in my cell.

I read what there was left to read and it created such a hunger in me that I immediately wrote my husband and asked him to locate the source for this book. He was finally given a phone number for a place called "Mission Possible." When he told me that over the phone he said, "Honey, this is driving me batty. You told me to call a razor blade company, someone else told me to call a television company and inquire about a program 'Mission Impossible.' I'm at a standstill. Let's give it up!"

I screamed, "No way!" Call that place in Florida until you get someone who knows about this! I must have that book and some more of them if they have more!"

Well, praise God (I can say those two powerful words now)! He called and heard a kind female voice say, "Hello, Jesus loves you."

He backed up and said, "Whoa! What's going on here? I must have dialed the number to Heaven." He stammered and stuttered and finally was able to say, "Do you have any chopped up comic books?" He was told that there were several such books in print, but they weren't chopped up. He settled down and told his (my) story and inquired about the cost and was told that there was no cost, so he ordered some to be sent directly to me. They were sent, but I did not receive them.

When he came for a visit, we got into an argument. I told him that if he didn't call again, I would leave him (joke! look where I'm at).

He called and got Chaplain Woody who called a chaplain at this prison who went to the mailroom and located my nearly destroyed package. There were only two books that were readable, but that was enough. I had not finished reading the first one called The Gift until I got down on my knees and asked the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost to save me (I wasn't taking any chances) and they did! Right then and there they gave me a brand new start in life.

I quickly ordered a Bible and some other items... When the tracts arrived, I gave some of them out and sent the others to my faithful husband. I told him in the letter that I was freer than he was, so he went to a revival meeting and got saved. And that's not all, he took his brother and he got saved! Then his brother took his entire family and two of them accepted Christ! Wow!! Praise God!! Hallelujah!!!

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