Christian Pollster Charts Confusion Over Evangelism

A recent survey by Barna pollsters finds that 47% of church-going young adults do not believe in evangelism. Barna also found that over half of them do not recognize the term "Great Commission." Soul winners, does this mean we are failing this next generation? I'm afraid so. Modern education, based on the Theory of Evolution, has many young people confused. If they are only accidents in a godless cosmos, they are wondering, "What am I here for??"

We need to explain what God says about our purpose in life: to spread some "good news." According to Barna, it appears that even those who claim to have responded to the "good news" are not sharing it.

In fact, it also appears we are not impressing them with the need to share it. If we obey the Great Commission we faithfully share the "good news" of the gospel. That includes instructing people that they need to teach others. Jesus said: "...Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you;" Part of what He commanded was the commandment itself: "Go Ye therefore, and teach all nations..." (See Matthew 28:18-20.)

Jesus left no loopholes. If we claim to be Christian, we are obligated to:

  1. Share the good news (gospel) with unbelievers.
  2. Teach others their responsibility to share the good news.

No Christian can be guiltless who does not take this seriously. We will be greatly embarrassed on Judgment Day when the fruit of our life is burned in the stubble pile. (See 1 Corinthians 3.)

So, in addition to teaching unbelievers about Christ's way, we are obligated to teach other believers, including the next generation, of their obligation to the Great Commission.

Barna makes it clear that evangelism is more than just bringing someone to a decision to follow Jesus. "Following" means developing spiritual maturity. And along the way we must become "witnesses" of what Jesus has done in our lives.

And Barna also found that following this pattern fits well into the latest perspective of the unbeliever. They're not much impressed with logical arguments or even scripture "proof texts." They want to know what it has done for you.

Young people have grown up in mass confusion. They likely did not have much, if any, exposure to church or Bible. "Education" was supposed to be the great savior. But there they learned that they are only "mutants" in an accidental cosmos. Only the "fittest" survive to enhance mankind's progress to nowhere. Satan has gutted life of its purpose.

The skilled soul winner is aware of this vacuum in the unbelievers around him. He is eager to share the wonderful forgiveness that he has enjoyed. But sometimes we neglect to explain how to share or even the need to share it.

For centuries gospel tracts have played a significant role here. Mass tract distribution raises awareness of sin and God's remedy. This has been a prescription for revival in the past. It can happen again if those who call themselves Christian get off their blessed assurances and make it happen.

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