Evolution: No God Needed!

The theory of evolution is an attack on both God and the Bible. No God is needed if all life “evolved” from rock soup over billions of years. Man is just a highly complex mutant that accidentally appeared in a hostile universe.

This takes all accountability away, installing the “fittest” as the arbiter of all behavior. No moral law, no 10 Commandments, just wandering chemical organisms trying to figure out why we are here.

If evolution were true, then the Bible would be nothing more than an ancient and mythological fairy-book, merely one of many attempts by man to explain himself and his world.

Evolutionists now dream of a utopia where man’s “mutations” can be accelerated by biotechnology, eliminating disease, aging and poverty, creating “superhumans.”

Today, every person on the planet must choose in his own mind whether there is a God or not. Oddly enough, most come up with some kind of deity if they ignore, or haven’t heard about, the real Creator of the Bible.

The theory of evolution is only a phenomenon of the educated class in the Western World. And it has only been around for a couple hundred years.

Can the theory of evolution be anything else but a “strong delusion” like that detailed in 2 Thess. 2:11?

When godless humanists refused to believe the Bible, they had a problem until Charles Darwin published his On the Origin of Species. Here was the excuse they were looking for. No longer was a Creator necessary to explain the world.

Launching from the fact that random mutations caused variations within species, they proposed that such changes could also explain the differences between species. Now an amoeba could become a fish, could become a lizard, could become a bird, could become a monkey, could become a human —given enough time.

Today, the lie of evolution is the foundation delusion for godless politics, faithless government education, and the confusion of many who claim to be Bible believers.

Soul-winners need a thorough understanding of this anti-God belief which has become the foundation of the secular, humanist belief system of most of the Western cultures.

The Chick tract Big Daddy? and the inexpensive but very comprehensive book, The Evolution Handbook, can give you powerful information and ammunition to combat this insidious delusion. The tract uses an engaging story to expose some of the lies that support evolution. Anyone who has an honest desire for the truth will have to stop and think when they encounter this tract. The Evolution Handbook is just that. A true handbook must completely cover its subject to be of any use. With almost 1,000 pages of highly detailed information, it is the bargain of the century at $5.95.