"Adopted" Tract + the Lord = a Baby's Life Saved

She used a simple tract to save a baby's life.

"Gomez" Tract Worked For Mr. Gomez

Another inmate slipped a tract in Gomez' cell, then waited for a violent reaction. They never expected what happened!

‘Anxiety Disorder’ —or Sin?

Two proposals this year from a government advisory group advocate 'anxiety screening' for everyone from 8 to 64 years old. They seem to see a new pandemic of fear that the government needs to deal with.

‘Banned Books Week’ Celebrates Perversion

The American Library Association uses this annual event to encourage students to read sexually explicit and violent books, especially those with a LGBTQIA agenda.

‘Deaths of Despair’ Increasing as Church Declines

With the decline in church attendance in the late 20th century, more and more people are dying from substance abuse like drugs and alcohol. With the demise of churches, there has been no other institution that has arisen to match its value to society.

100 Years -- 100 Million Dead Under Marxism

The connection between Marxism and evolution.

20th Century Martyrs Top All Other Centuries Combined

Although shocking to American Christians, recent reports tell us that today, world wide, it is more likely that you as a Christian would be beaten, tortured or raped for your faith than be free to attend service in a secure, air conditioned church.

666 and Today's One-World Government

The landscape of the 'one-world government' and 'one-world religion' is rapidly forming. As the various pieces of the jigsaw puzzle come together, they clearly match the picture that the Bible describes.

70,000 School Kids Get Gospel -In Zimbabwe

Missionaries Bill and Janet Eubanks have found a fertile field in the public schools... in Zimbabwe.

A Message from David Daniels

Controversies are raging all around us. Let's respond with the gospel while we still can.

A Message from David Daniels

Forty-seven years ago, Jack Chick warned about the homosexual movement. Now, people are finally discovering the bitter results of this cancer. There is hope!

A Message From David Daniels

Author David Daniels tells about a visit he had to Metropolitan Community (Homosexual) Church and how it led to writing a tract entitled, 'Sin City'.

A Message From David Daniels

When prayer was taken out of American schools, a vacuum was created. It didn’t stay that way for long.

A message from David Daniels

David Daniels explains there's a reason why the pope is discouraging soul winning -because soul winning is effective!

A message from David Daniels - January 2020

Author David Daniels discusses the effectiveness of gospel tracts and his new book, 'Yes You Can (And You Should!) Read The Kings James Bible'.

A Message From David W. Daniels

Children used to be sheltered. No longer. Now, sheltering —protecting children— is almost considered a crime.

A message from David W. Daniels

David shares how his life was changed by an individual sharing a Chick tract with him.

A Message from David W. Daniels

Have you noticed what is happening to free speech in our country? It’s eroding. Do you know why?

A Message from David W. Daniels

Lately people are thanking God for the worldwide panic of the last few years! How could this be?

A Message From David W. Daniels

Some very powerful people believe there are too many humans on earth. They want to reduce the population and there is only one way to do that.

A Message From Jack Chick

Our duty is to pray for our leaders.

A Message From Jack Chick


A Message From Jack Chick

A Message From Jack Chick

Jack Chick introduces a new tract

A Message From Jack Chick

A Message From Jack Chick - May 2009

If you think witchcraft is dead, you are not living on this planet.

A Message From Jack Chick About Alberto Rivera

Jack Chick discusses the Christianity Today attack on Alberto Rivera.

A Message From Jack Chick March 1998

Jack Chick writes about the passing of his wife to be with Jesus.

A Pandemic Bigger Than COVID-19

In the U.S., the suicide rate increased 24% between 1999 and 2014, totaling over 48,000 in 2018. Only the gospel can change a person's heart and Chick tracts are the easiest way to get the message out.

A Return to Our Christian Roots?

What does that mean? It means a time when kings lived in fear of the pope.

Aborted Baby Parts For Sale

Most people are well aware that over a million babies a year are killed in U.S. abortion clinics.

Abortion —Another Heart Problem

Is the murder of an unborn child in the name of ‘convenience’ any different than offering them upon the altars of pagan gods in Canaan?

Abortion Fallout Exposing 'House of Horrors`

When the Gosnell case revealed the gory business of killing babies, it became clear what a horror legalized abortion in America has become.

Abortion victim begs: "Don't Make the Same Mistakes I Did"

Hear some interesting facts on the effects of having an abortion.

Abortion's New Level of Evil Opens Witnessing Opportunity

A 2015 video on YouTube reveals a high-level administrator in Planned Parenthood's abortion field admitting that abortion procedures are carefully executed to preserve certain organs in the murdered baby.

Actress Still Promotes Abortion —After a Broken Heart

Actress Uma Thurman describes her broken heart over the abortion of her baby at age 15, but says it’s okay saved her acting career.

Adventures of Tim B.

Tim Berends shows how using creative ideas to pass tracts leads to real Christian adventure.

Alberto Preaching the Gospel

Following his conversion, Alberto spoke in churches worldwide.

Alberto Rivera as a Young Priest

Photos of Alberto Rivera as a young priest in Spain.

Alberto Rivera Passes Away

Eighteen years ago, by the providence of God, the Lord put a man with a vital message together with a man who had a vehicle to spread it.

Alberto's Official Certification

Letter from Archbishop of Madrid-Alcala certifying Alberto to travel as priest on church business.

America Must Become “Good” Again

As America has turned away from God, she has been losing what made her great. The path to recovering her greatness is not political, it is spiritual. She must turn back to God.

An Open Mission Field Next Door

Prisoners already know they are sinners. They are often open to the gospel, if we care enough to take it to them.

Anglicans May Split Over God's View of Sodomy

Every ten years, the largest "Protestant Denomination" meets to discuss the issues in their "communion." This year, it is time for the 77-million-member Anglican Church to meet again.

Anti-LGBTQIA+ Sentiment Has Grown Louder —Are We Waking Up?

A number of large corporations have faced strong backlash from consumers as a result of their pro-LGBT promotions. Consumers are expressing their disapproval with their pocketbooks.

Anxious Young People

We were all created with a God-shaped vacuum. But when God is removed from our culture, the result has been a generation with record anxiety and suicide rates.

APA Sees No Great Harm in Adult-child Sex

The first step has been taken in the public acceptance of pedophilia.

Are Chick Tracts "Hate Literature?"

See answers by both Jack Chick and David Daniels to this accusation. Video and online tract.

Are We Finally Waking Up?

Recent surveys suggest homosexual activists have overplayed their hand with pushing their agenda. Approval among millenials is dropping.

Are We Reaping What We Have Sown?

As a nation, we are seeing our just rewards for our legalization of abortion with the looming bankruptcy of Social Security.

Are We The 'Barney Generation?'

We are not placed here to be spectators. God put us here for a purpose: to spread the Gospel, because there really is a judgement at the end.

Are You A Hater?

Everything is stacked against Christians in this world, but that does not cancel the Great Commission.

Are You an Extremist?

Jihadists = extremists = fundamentalists = Bible believers? An effort is underway to brand Bible believers are dangerous to society.

Asian Olympics Saturated with Quarter Million Tracts

A small group of men are proving that it doesn't take a big organization to make a big impact with the gospel.

Attack on Religious Freedom May Be Turning

The new U.S. Attorney General has issued instructions to all government departments that may help protect people of faith from doing things that go against their beliefs.

Attorney Sees Hostility to Christianity Growing in the Workplace

Religious discrimination in the workplace is one of the 'hottest' religious liberty issues coming into our CLA offices this year," writes Attorney David Gibbs, Jr.

Baby Baphomet Joins Baby Jesus in Illinois State House

The Illinois Satanic Temple prevailed in its effort to place the occultic baby Baphomet alongside baby Jesus in the state capitol Christmas display. It was all in the name of 'harmony.'

Baptist Leader Sees Christians Losing Focus on Evangelism

Evangelical Christians may be losing their focus on evangelism, according to James Merritt, president of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor of a large Atlanta-area Church.

Be sure you know the difference: Cult or Denomination?

Many today are confused over whether groups that call themselves "churches" are really Christian denominations or cults of Christianity.

Belief in Hell Good for the Economy

Those who believe in punishment in an afterlife tend to have the highest standard of living.

Beyond 'Don't Ask; Don't Tell'

Since welcoming homosexuals, the U.S. military has been using intimidation and accusations to silence Christians in the military. Some fear even their careers are in jeopardy if they go to church.

Bible Ribbons

David W. Daniels shows you how to to make your own Bible study aid.

Biblical Authority at Issue in Ordination of Homosexual

The ordination of a practicing homosexual as an Episcopal bishop in Massachusetts has a lot of people in the "mainline Protestant" churches thumbing through their Bibles.

Biblical Marriage the Casualty of the "Sexual Revolution"

For fifty years, one court case after another has jackhammered away at the foundations of marriage. So, where are we headed now?

'Biggest Street Party in the World' Seeded With 120,000 Tracts

The Mardi Gras Carnaval in Salvador, Brazil is the "biggest street party in the world," according to street evangelist Danny Callis.

Billy Graham Still Sending Converts Back to the Pope

"After the 1982 New England crusade, thousands of those who went forward for salvation were turned over to Catholic clergy for follow-up."

Bitterness Finally Solved - at Age 85

Abused and scarred for life, she discovered the treasure of the gospel she hadn't found in her Roman Catholic church.

Boy and Girl Scouts No Longer Reliable

The Boy and Girls Scouts organizations used to be dependable help for parents raising children. But now that both groups accept openly homosexual leaders, abuse of these children is becoming rampant. The children are the target of these groups.

Boy Scounts No Longer "Boy" Scouts

Once the Boy Scouts of America gave in to pressure from homosexual groups, they began making many more compromises and now they’re many steps back from the original vision.

Brainwashing in 4/4 Time

Brainwashing is easy...Hitler's director of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, told the world how to do it: Hit the streets with your message long enough; repeat it over and over, and soon they will believe it.

Britain Set to Legalize Sodomy With 16-Year-Old Children

There appears to be little opposition in the British Parliament to lowering the homosexual age of consent to 16. Only 3 years ago it was reduced from 21 to 18.

British Judge Rules Bible is Wrong

A British judge rules against a Christian doctor who believes transgenderism is a sin, saying, belief in Genesis 1:27 is 'incompatible with human dignity.'

British University Offers a Master’s Degree in Witchcraft

With Halloween behind us, the witch and warlock costumes can be put away for another year. But the real witches are still very much with us.

Buddha's Sacred Tooth Makes State Visit to Taiwan

Americans enamored with eastern religions would do well to study carefully their bondage of superstition.

Buddhist Fad Makes for New Witnessing Opportunity

1500 new monasteries and temples in the U.S. provides more opportunities to witness to Buddhists.

Bush White House First 'Catholic' Presidency?

How sad that the "born-again" leader of the free world should give a royal welcome to the leader of a religion which holds one billion people in spiritual bondage.

California Establishes ‘Hate’ Commission

California governor Gavin Newsom has appointed five members to a new “Commission of the State of Hate”. Is this new Commission an example of how governments will attempt to silence Christians from speaking against sinful behavior?

Can Christians Play D&D? Author Says No!

As a Christian, would it be appropriate for you to participate in a role-playing game with friends where each of you imagines a scenario involving a variety of sexual activities including fornication, adultery and homosexuality?

Can Government Promote Charity Without Religion?

While Christians in America are rejoicing in the new shift toward a tone of righteousness in Washington, we must look carefully at the "faith-based initiatives" and "charitable choice" being talked about.

Canada Rapidly Becoming Dangerous For Christians

Our friendly neighbor to the north is becoming a lab case for government-approved destruction of life and promotion of perversion. Evidence shows up in a number of ways: abortion, euthanasia, and legislation promoting homosexuality.

Canadian Doctor Loses Fight for Children's Innocence

The law requires that 'inclusivity' (homosexual propaganda) be laced into all aspects education. Religious convictions don`t matter.

Canadian 'Hate Speech' Laws a Warning to U.S.

Canada is becoming an object lesson for those in the U.S. who are pushing to make "hate speech" illegal.

Canadian Pastors Resist Intrusion by Health Officials

Several pastors are pushing back against local government authorities who are trying to restrict religious freedom under the cover of 'COVID-19 public health orders.'

Census Shows Explosive Growth of Sin

Soul winners, we have work to do.

Chapter 1 - The Friendly Fanatic

The Millers looked like the ideal family. But beneath that veneer were the same hurts and failings that afflict millions.

Chapter 2 - Soup's On

The Millers looked like the ideal family. But beneath that veneer were the same hurts and failings that afflict millions.

Chapter 3 - The Ugly Truth

The Millers looked like the ideal family. But beneath that veneer were the same hurts and failings that afflict millions.

Chapter 4 - Murder?

The Millers looked like the ideal family. But beneath that veneer were the same hurts and failings that afflict millions.

Chapter 5 - Until Death Us Do Part

The Millers looked like the ideal family. But beneath that veneer were the same hurts and failings that afflict millions.

Chapter 6 - The Good Samaritan

The Millers looked like the ideal family. But beneath that veneer were the same hurts and failings that afflict millions.

Chapter 7 - SHHHHH!

The Millers looked like the ideal family. But beneath that veneer were the same hurts and failings that afflict millions.

Chapter 8 - FAREWELL

The Millers looked like the ideal family. But beneath that veneer were the same hurts and failings that afflict millions.

Chick Mail Bag


Chick Mail Bag - July 2022

On a trip home from Alaska to Idaho, I had a layover in Seattle and had an opportunity to have a conversation with a gentleman about earthquakes and death which led to “spiritual” things...

Chick Mail Bag - September 2022

Read testimonies from tract users who tell us how Chick tracts helped them share the gospel.

Chick Mail Bag Jan-2005

I'm disabled but Chick tracts gave me a ministry everywhere I go.

Chick Mail Bag November 1998

Letters from Chick tracts users.

Chick Mission Fund Helps Reach the Lost in India

Report on missions work with Chick tracts by Pastor Lordson Roch in India.

Chick Tract in Halloween Sack 'Changed My Life'

One young person wrote to us about what happened when his family passed out Chick tracts that the parents provided...

'Chick Tracts are an Absolute Must!' Say Missionaries

"Chick tracts are an absolute must, on an hour-by-hour basis, to reach the bustling masses of Chinese souls we encounter..."

Chick Tracts Are Extending the Reach of Missionaries Worldwide

Missionaries talk about how Chick tracts impact their ministries.

Chick Tracts Help Children Soak Up the Gospel

According to a study done by Barna Research, Christian parents are spending "little, if any time," discussing religion with their children.

Chick tracts help people learn English

How missionaries use Chick tracts to extend their reach.

Chick Tracts Reach Catholics in Goa, India

Chick tracts you provided through the Mission Fund are reaching many for Christ in India.

Chick's Nigerian Distributor Jailed for 5 Weeks Over Chick Tract

A fax from the Chick Publication distributor in Nigeria spotlights the blessing we have in America in the freedom to present the gospel.

China Churches Protest Government Crackdown

Decades ago the people of China chose Communism's hollow dream instead of the Bible. Now, millions there have discovered the truth and are willing to die for it —and some may have to.

'Chopped-up Comic' Still Leads Prisoner to Christ

The following letter came to prison ministry Mission Possible from a female prisoner in Texas.

'Christian' Bookstores Are Disappearing

Have you been to a Christian bookstore lately? If not, it may not be there anymore.

Christian Colleges: Obey God or Government

As government continues to impose regulations contrary to God's Word, Bible believers are finding themselves the targets of 'anti-descrimnation' laws.

Christian Fired for Expressing Biblical View of Homosexuality

The right to object is now under attack. What ever happened to "free speech?"

Christian Media Pushing Ecumenism

A popular Christian magazine is promoting the idea of cooperating with Rome by focusing only on things that unite us, ignoring the differences as if they do not matter. But error mixed with truth is still error.

Christian Music Buyers Turned Off to Gruesome CD Covers

Has Christian cd artwork gone too far?

Christian Music Star Deceived by Bible Confusion

"Coming out" as a lesbian, she says she is not really convinced that the Bible speaks against homosexuality because not all Bibles do so clearly.

Christian Parenting Threatened By California Bill

The State wants your kids! New bill could allow the state to decide home schooling (or Christian schooling) is not the “appropriate education” to which every child has a right.

Christian Pollster Charts Confusion Over Evangelism

Are we doing all we can to reach the lost with the "good news"? Who's responsibility is it, anyway?

Christian Web Sites Blocked as Offensive for Children

Some attempts to block offensive Internet material from children have backfired for Christian users.

Christians Becoming Poster Children for Satan's Lies

With doubt in God's Word on the rise, it is becoming more common for "Christians" to push a secular view point.

Christians One Step Closer to Being Called Sick

Can homophobia and other prejudices be illnesses?

Church Planting Made Easier With Chick Tracts

Reports continue to come in from missionaries using Chick tracts to start and strengthen churches.

Churches Next For Homoactivists

Homosexual leader calls for churches to be forced to take homosexuality off the "sin list." Followers respond with violent attacks.

Cities Keep Testing Limits of Freedom of Religion

Government officials attempt to circumvent a very basic U.S. Constitutional right.

'Comfortable Christianity... Is Over!'

The age of comfortable and respectable Christianity in the U.S.A. is giving way to an age of rising resistance and hostility.

Confessions of a Chick Tract User

Don't think you have time to witness? Think again. Chick tracts can help you reach even those who think they are "too busy."

Confusion Growing over Tolerance of Homosexuals

Gay member of Equal Opportunity Employment Commission says, "Gays win, Christians lose!"

Congress Members Request UN Supervision of Election

Thirteen members of the U.S. Congress have sent a formal letter to the UN Secretary General requesting that the UN supervise the upcoming presidential elections.

Congressman Says 'Send the Jihadists Home!'

Many examples are emerging that show the vast difference between Western civilization and Islam.

Could Proposed Law Decriminalize Infanticide? (Killing of babies)

A proposed California Assembly Bill appears to eliminate any criminal penalties for killing a baby anytime before birth and for a short time after birth.

Council Member's Strong Stand Defeats Homosexual Law

Last year, the Metro Council of Nashville Tennessee narrowly defeated a proposal to prohibit employment discrimination based on "sexual orientation" in the city government.

Countering Hate - and Offering Salvation

Originally written to Christians to encourage them to win souls, 'Who's the Real Hater?' has been expanded to make it a soul-winning Chick tract.

Courageous Christian Students Fighting Back

In 2005, some Christian students decided to counter the homosexual message with a "Day of Truth" campaign.

Court Finds in Favor of Students Who Spoke Up Against Sin

A recent court finding has come out on the side of two Christian students who spoke against homosexuality in accordance with their beliefs.

Court Nixes ACLUs Ten Commandments Tirade

The ACLU arguments get slapped down hard, when they tried to erase all reference to America's spiritual history and heritage from a public display.

Court Strips Parents of Education Rights

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has decreed that parents should have no control over what the school decides to teach their child.

Court: Women's Restroom Okay for 'Transgendered' Men

The sodomite indoctrination in our schools and work places is having some "unintended consequences."

Danger of Hate Speech Laws Becoming Apparent

Pastor Eke Green has been cleared of charges of hate crime by the Swedish Supreme Court.

'Deaths of Despair' Are On The Rise

Why is America the third most depressed country in the world? The answer, and solution, are simple.

Department Of Justice: 'Home Schooling Not a Right in America'

The U.S. government's response to Germany's peresecution of home schoolers shows that this freedom may not last for long in America.

Disney Does It Again

Witchcraft is becoming more common in children's tv shows. This year, Disney Television Animation released a new TV show, “The Owl House”, which features a powerful witch and a disguised understudy. The key word here is “powerful,” since that is what witchcraft offers to vulnerable youngsters.

Disney Peddling Another One of Satan’s Lies

Disney’s 'Little Demon,' tries to normalize satanism and portray Satan as a 'normal' dad who tries to look out for his daughter. No longer 'family safe,' Disney is now enticing young people into sexual and occultic experimentation.

Do You Converse to Just "Talk" or With Eternity in Mind?

Mark Cahill is always looking for a way to turn a conversation into a discussion about eternity. In his new book, The Watchmen, he lets us sit in on some of his intriguing conversations. Here is one of dozens of examples.

Don't Forget the Children

If Jesus had children coming to His door one night a year, what would He do?

Don't Hide This Halloween

Giving out tracts on Halloween is easy! They come to you!

Doubt in the Bible Behind Cultural Decay

The very doctrines being systematically removed from modern Bibles are the same ones progressives are abandoning.

Doubt the Bible? Check Out God's Promise to Israel

There is a direct correlation between the alarming number of massive disasters striking America and her leaders pressuring Israel to surrender her land for 'peace.'

Drag Queens Out to "Groom" Your Kids

From their own words, their future depends on recruiting children.

Eighty-Year-Old says, "Anyone Can Get Tracts into Cuba."

Mario Rodriguez is 80 years old but that doesn't slow him down much when it comes to getting the gospel out.

Encouraging Growth of Global Christianity

Pollsters claim Christianity is dying. But a closer look at the facts may tell a different story.

Episcopalians Refuse Homosexual Lies, Fall Into Pope's Trap

When an openly homosexual was elected to be a bishop, Episcopalians were so incensed that many are now considering union with the Catholic Church.

Europe May Be Ready for the True Gospel

Much of Europe considers Christianity irrelevant to their lives. Churches face a choice: evangelize or be outlawed.

European Evangelicals Raising Objections to Unity With the Pope

There are still some in the world who know Rome's bloody history and recognize that only her approach, not her doctrine, has changed.

European Official Says Hate Speech Laws Coming Soon to U.S.

Vera Jourová, a Czech politician and lawyer who is the Vice President of the European Commission for Values and Transparency said hate speech laws will soon come to US.

Europeans Call For A Return To Christian Roots

A coalition of religious leaders sent an open letter to European political leaders noting the growing disconnect between the common people and the elite who have been pushing the agenda of unchristian vices such as abortion and same sex marriage.

Even Military Becoming Hostile to Christians

Military leaders are increasing their war on Christianity. They say, "Don't bring that here."

Even Women Inmates Are Not Safe from Transgenders

The new social contagion of transgenderism is now affecting people who have no place to hide: California women prisoners.

Evil Beginning to Get Some Washback

The tide of evil that we have watched rising in our culture is now being opposed by a tsunami of concerned people who are organizing and speaking up.

Evolution: No God Needed!

For godless humanists, evolution takes care of the problem of having to explain away a Creator.

Father Arrested Over Pro-Homosexual School Book

A persistent father was recently arrested in Massachusetts after insisting that he be notified when his kindergartner was going to be presented with teaching on homosexuality.

Finally —the Right Questions

Why is our culture suddenly producing so many young men who want to murder innocent people? Here are five factors.

Finnish Member of Parliament Again Charged With Hate

Dr. Räsänen was accused of hate speech on three occasions, including in a tweet showing verses from the Bible. The outcome of this case could have significant implications for freedom of speech and religion in Finland and elsewhere in Europe.

Fishermen's Club Sends Gospel Bait to Businesses

Jim Neale has developed a new way to get a gospel message to local businesses.

Five Pillars of Reformation Truth

Every believer should know the foundation issues on which Martin Luthur and the others stood when they rose up to denounce the pope as the antichrist.

Former Prime Minister Suggests One World Leader

A former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, recently voiced his support for the need of a single world-wide authority to orchestrate the defense against the coronavirus.

Four Words That Open the Doorway to Satanism

And they are found in a commonly used Bible!

Freedom to Sin Replacing Freedom of Religion

The anti-religion drive is not so much against all religions, but specifically against biblical Christianity. Most others: Islam, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., are tolerated or welcomed into our 'multicultural' society. Tolerance applies to everyone but Jesus.

FRI Study Finds Homosexual Parenting Dangerous for Kids

Today's secular media has totally swallowed the lie that homosexual parents are just as good for kids as traditional families.

From the Front Lines

With millions of paper missionaries in dozens of languages shipped each month, testimonies come back to Chick Publications from all over the world.

Generation Z—a Lost Generation

When God lifts His favor from a nation, all kinds of bad things happen. And it's our young people who are suffering terribly.

German Chancellor Declares Christians "˜Most Persecuted'

Some groups claimed it was just 'rumors,' but here are the facts.

Girl Scouts Can Now Earn a Sodomite Patch

The Girl Scouts are suffering from some of the same problems that ruined the Boy Scouts. And once again, it's the homosexual steamroller that's pushing hard to destroy the innocence of our children.

Globalist Lab Cases Becoming Apparent

Governments move to get tighter control, and further limit religious freedom.

Globalist Leaders Reveal Their Plans

Sometimes a very short comment is a wide opening into a much larger story.

God Comments on Lutheran Question

Lutheran church's steeple split by a tornado as an Evangelical Lutheran Church of America vote takes place across the street to allow homosexuals into ministry.

God Not Welcome in Congress?

Could it really be possible that in the U.S. House of Representatives a statement was made declaring, 'God's will is no concern of this Congress'?

God Turns Church Massacre into Explosion of the Gospel

There is another side to the story of the massacre at Wedgewood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, one which the media has overlooked and would not be all that interested in.

God Weighs in on Pro-Homosexual Vote?

Church leaders voting to approve homosexuality got a bit of a surprise from the weather. Was God sending a message?

Good News Corner

In today’s increasingly godless culture, parents become frontline soldiers in the war against Satan’s attack on our children. Many are outraged and beginning to stand up against the perversion and propaganda being taught to kids in schools.

Good News —Hope Is On The Way

In the flood of bad news, there is some indication that good people are beginning to wake up to what Satan is doing.

Gospel Saturation Plan Softens Hearts in Mexico

Sociologist finds creative ways to get people to read the Gospel.

Gospel Seeds in Zambia Grow Flourishing Churches

Missionary tells how Chick tracts have helped him establish and build churches in Zambia.

Government Solution to Sin: Tax It Away

We are now paying for the last 50 years of feel-good religion. Taxing sinful, destructive behavior won`t make it go away.

Great Cost of Tolerating Sin

When Christians in America went soft on sin a century ago, the fruit was not immediately obvious. Now we are beginning to see a horrible harvest.

Half of Born-Again Christians Doubt That Jesus Was Sinless

A sinless Christ is one of the anchor points of the gospel. Redemption from the guilt of sin can only happen by the sacrifice of a sinless One.

Halloween: A Great Time To Teach Soul Winning

We need to introduce the next generation to the joys of soul winning —and Halloween provides the perfect opportunity.

Halloween: A Little Door to a Big Temptation

Opening doors to more than children.

Halloween: Give Them Candy and the Gospel!

As our country continues to push God and the Bible out of schools and government, other secular (godless) beliefs have taken their place. One of the most devastating and destructive of these is now affecting our children in a very negative way.

Halloween: Kid's Treat or Pagan Trick?

History of Halloween

Halloween: The Best Witnessing Opportunity of the Year

Over the years, thousands of families have turned Halloween into a powerful witnessing opportunity.

Harry Potter: 'Making Evil Look Innocent'

What are kids saying about Harry Potter?

Harvard Hosts Anti-Homeschool Summit

Because of the coronavirus, many parents have experienced homeschooling for the first time. Most are not aware of the controversy and opposition surrounding this by other organizations.

Hate Speech Laws Threaten Freedom to Witness

You can't have freedom of religion without freedom of speech.

He Wanted a Book About the Devil

"Sure," I said. It wasn't what he expected.

Help Your Missionaries Extend Their Reach with Chick Tracts

Chick Publications has an easy way for you to provide tracts to your missionary.

Here Comes Harry

How Strange! Thousands of children lined up outside bookstores waiting for them to open so they can buy a book?

Homosexual Activist Picked for Job of National School Safety

Kevin Jennings, founder of the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN), has been appointed to a high office in the Obama Education Department.

Homosexual Agenda Beginning to See Setbacks

The war between sexual perversion and decency is heating up.

Homosexual Ambassador

Clinton appoints James Hormel as ambassador of Luxembourg.

Homosexual Approval the Result of Decades of Lies

How to cram homosexuality down "straight America's" throat. It's working.

Homosexual Attack on Children Blunted in Florida

A Florida state law forbidding paid counselors to counsel children against gender-change has been challenged, and the court of Appeals decided this was a violation of the counselor’s free speech. They are now allowed to help these children. Such laws exist in 20 other states, and need to be fought.

Homosexual Consequences No One Talks About

Statistics are hard to come by, but things like suicide rates, sexually transmitted diseases, shortened lifespans, and the medical consequences of extraordinary wear and tear on physical organs are all extremely high.

Homosexual Journalist Admits, 'Gay Lifestyle is a Sewer'

The pro-sodomite media would have us believe that all homosexuals are in a wonderful, long-term, committed relationship with only one other person.

Homosexual Marriage? - What's the Big Deal?

Is same-sex marriage simply allowing another kind of couple to have the same benefits enjoyed by opposite-sex couples?

Homosexual Teachers 8 Times More Likely to Molest Students

Recent study shows that homosexual teachers are 8 to 10 times more likely to sexually involve themselves with pupils than heterosexual teachers.

Homosexual Teachers Emboldened by Marriage Law

Now that the Massachusetts Supreme Court has legalized homosexual marriage, sodomite activists are pressuring the public schools there to talk more in the classrooms about homosexual relationships.

Homosexuals Believe Time is on Their Side

Their control of the schools gives them confidence that the next generation will approve homosexual marriage and just about anything else their 'alternate lifestyle' calls for.

Homosexuals Hiding an 'Inconvenient Truth'

The organization, American`s For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) is calling for a breaking of the silence on the health risks of homosexual practices. (see

Homosexuals Want to Change the Subject

The subject keeps changing: first that homosexuality was acceptable, then gay marriage, then transgender body mutilation. It didn’t stop there. Now they are changing the Bible!

Homosexuals Working Hard to Recruit Our Kids.

The homosexual drive for acceptance and approval is increasingly focused on recruiting in the public schools.

Hong Kong Protests More Than Political

Beijing's decades-old effort to stamp out spiritual belief may finally be falling apart.

How Does It Happen? The Path to Perversion

"We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups." - Michael Swift, Gay Community News

How to Start or Support a Prison Ministry

Useful ideas and contacts to help you get a prison ministry started.

Humanists Desperate to Protect Government Schools

American Humanist Association sues teacher for praying, because of fear that some student might "hear." Imagine that!

Humanists, Atheists Demanding More Privileges

Humanism seeks to establish heaven on earth by evolution's natural selection, technology's grand discoveries, psychology's personality enhancements, and the search for cosmic enlightenment.

I Caught Netflix Trying to Groom My Kids

The popular kids show CoComelon, in their new Netflix series, shows a boy dancing for his gay dads in a tutu and tiara.

ID Card Spanish Authorities Issued to Alberto

See his Jesuit ID card issued shortly before his conversion to Christ.

Ideas from all over

True short stories from Christians doing unusual things to share the Gospel.

If the Music is Neutral, Why Did They Dance?

The entire "Christian" rock music industry is built on one massively deceptive pillar: "All the music is neutral only the words matter."

In Canada, ‘Transformation’ is a Half-Empty Library

Recent US political leaders have declared their intention to 'fundamentally transform' the nation. Our neighbor to the north is fast becoming a test case.

International Criminal Court Brings One World Government Closer

On July 1, another major component of the One World Government described in the Bible, was put into place.

Internet Ministries Pressured by Homosexuals

Homosexual activists have persuaded major internet providers to block websites that offer a Christian viewpoint of homosexuality. Even Paypal is refusing to handle donations to some ministries.

Is “Home Alone” Hate?

In Bristol, United Kingdom, Isabel became quite upset after reading Jack Chick's tract, 'Home Alone?', that had the nerve to say people could be introduced to the homosexual world by child abuse. She has since contacted the Bristol City Council who is investigating who distributed the tract.

Is a Window for the Gospel Closing in India?

India appears to be nearing a change that may seriously affect the gospel.

Is 'Freedom of Worship' Freedom of Religion?

When our government leaders use the term "freedom of worship" rather than "freedom of religion" are they taking us one step closer to stripping us of our right to evangelize?

Is God Really Able to Preserve His Word?

"Did God really preserve His Word for us today?" This question is central to all Bible version arguments.

Is the Virus God's Judgment?

Many people are asking if the coronavirus is going to be an event that will reshape the world. It is intriguing that the virus has targeted much of the sinful foolishness in our culture.

Is there a Death-bed Window into Eternity?

There have always been stories of death-bed agony or ecstasy in the last moments of life. After reading one of our tracts, a soul-winner sent us this true story of what she witnessed.

Is This Chaos the Result of a 1980 Supreme Court Decision?

In 1980, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Kentucky law that required the posting of the Ten Commandments in every public school in the state. So, for about four decades, school children have been growing up without knowing God's standard for right and wrong while at school, and we might now be seeing the consequences of that decision.

Is This Hate?

Telling the truth is not hate.

Is UK Planning to Block Prayer for Gender Confused?

A proposed law in the UK could be used to forbid pastors, possibly even parents, from counseling a child who is struggling with their ‘gender identity’.

Is Water on Mars a Nail in God's Coffin?

Atheists have claimed for years: "Wherever water is found in its liquid state, life forms. No Creator needed!"

It Pays to Read Chick Tracts to Children

David Wylie found himself about as alone as you can get. He was without a family and his mom was in jail.

It Won’t Be That Hard to Get People to Accept the Mark of the Beast

People say they would not take a mark that prohibits them from buying or selling without it. But people are prohibited in places from entering stores without a mask right now.

It's a Bigger Battle Than You Think

We are in a spiritual war and there is no way to remain neutral. Whose side are you on? We can't expect it to be easy.

It's All About Ecumenism

The following news items have recently appeared in several sources, chronicling the accelerating advance of ecumenism, the drive to unity needed to establish the end-time, apostate, world church.

Jack Chick Speaks About One World Church

Jack Chick speaks about ecumenicism.

Jack Chick's Christmas Message

The neighbor girl asked, "Who's the kid?" She knew nothing about Jesus.

Jesus was a Palestinian?

"Christianity was started by a young Palestinian named Jesus." Hundreds of such distortions and lies were found in a five-year study of 28 of the most widely used social studies textbooks in U.S. public schools.

Just A 'T' Too Far

What happens when government demands that an athlete who "looks" like a boy should be able to shower with the girls?? Should it be illegal for the girls to have some privacy?

Kansas Board Vacillates Over Text Book Lies

The state of Kansas has recently been one of the battlegrounds over the teaching of evolution in public schools.

Kids Love Chick Tracts All Over the World

Missions report: Chick Tracts in a hundred languages are hard at work sharing the gospel all over the world.

Leaders Urge Abandoning Public Schools

For most of recorded history, godly parents have had to fight the culture to raise godly children.

Legislature Caves In on Parental Rights

The Georgia Legislature recently attempted to pass a bill giving parents the option to object when their child was about to join a homosexual club at school.

LGBT Activists Now Targeting Christians

Christian businesses, Christian schools, and now churches are being legally threatened if they 'discriminate' by following God's Word rather than man's laws.

LGBT Activists Shut Down Franklin Graham Venues

Stadium owners in England have begun cancelling events scheduled for The Billy Graham Association's Franklin Graham, because of backlash from the LGBTX crowd.

Life is short... have an affair?

Cyber-adultery: it’s all the rage, thanks to COVID-19. Married people are flooding to online adultery websites. And of course,? some of these encounters become physical.

Mainline 'Churches' Splitting Over Same-Sex Marriage

Several church denominations are losing thousands of churches and their members because of the pro-homosexual stance that these organizations are pushing.

Major Exodus From Liberal Denomination

Seventy congregations in north Georgia have voted to leave the United Methodist Church (UMC), primarily because of a creeping acceptance of homosexuality in the denomination.

Malawi Church Started With A Chick Tract

Missionary Rai Paparatti describes how Chick tracts helped him start a small church in Malawi.

Many U.S. Mosques Teach Violence Against Non-Muslims

A spiritual attack calls for a spiritual defense. It's time to wake up the church.

Marching Toward the Beast

In America, we have been privileged to retain a good bit of our personal freedom. Christians in many other countries have not fared as well.

Marxist Lesbian to Head American Library Association

Karl Marx was the originator of a godless political system with the diabolical strategy of creating strife in a nation sufficient to overthrow the government. Over 100 million people have been executed or starved to death by some form of Marxist philosophy.

Mayor Discovered "Minister" Would Pray to the Wrong God.

Wicca is the most popular branch of today's "Neo-Pagan" movement that worships "mother earth."

Media Ignores Brutal Murder by Homosexuals

Matthew Shepard has become a poster boy for the homosexual activists thanks to massive media attention.

Medical Doctor Pleads for Revival

Integrity, dignity and community . . . that’s what America had before it’s people turned away from God. And returning to God is the only way to get it back.

Medical Personnel Now Free to Refuse to Assist Abortions

The new Health and Human Services leadership has reversed a previous policy that cost some medical workers their jobs.

Message From Jack Chick July/August 2012

Muslims are convinced they are on schedule to take over America. But God is running the show.

Message From Jack Chick July/August 2013

Young people must recognize the gay lifestyle is demonic and only the Lord Jesus Christ can set them free.

Message From Jack Chick July/August 2015

The world has gotten on the bandwagon to abandon the preserved King James. But we will remain faithful to it's message.

Message From Jack Chick March/April 2011

How we are fighting back against those who attack the preserved Bible, the KJV.

Message From Jack Chick March/April 2012

Our nation is facing the judgment of God . . . and it seems nobody believes it's coming, or cares.

Message From Jack Chick March/April 2013

Introducing the tract, "Cathy."

Message From Jack Chick March/April 2014

Jesus brought Good News to a world ruled by corrupt and evil governments. That has not changed. But Jesus, not politics, is the answer.

Message From Jack Chick March/April 2015

Mary Wilhite died . . . faithful unto the end. I hope she inspires you to do the same.

Message From Jack Chick May/June 2010

This Christian family lost everything. Then they were filled with regret that they had not used any of it for the Lord.

Message From Jack Chick May/June 2014

After reading our tract about a drunk (Happy Hour), all four girls said "That's my dad!" That's why we have tracts that hit alcohol hard!

Message From Jack Chick May/June 2015

These three nuns read the tracts, got saved, and left that awful institution.

Message From Jack Chick November/December 2015

God is going to judge America for killing all those babies through abortion.

Methodists Vote to Obey the Bible

In the convention voting, help was needed from overseas groups to prevent this attack by US homosexual activists.

Millennials Poised For Deception

Society is being shaped to accept a one-world government. And the millennials will sign on.

Miraculous Deliverance from Transgenderism

Read the true testimony from Ted Halley, a biological male who struggled for years with a desire to dress and act as a woman. After several medical procedures, God finally delivered him from this evil bondage.

Mission Fund Report - May 2018

Feedback on tracts sent to missionaries through your giving from May 2018 Battle Cry

Mission Fund Report: April 2022

The container with one million Chick tracts has arrived in Papua New Guinea. Read about this and more missions projects here.

Mission Report

Reports continue to come in from missionaries using Chick tracts.

Missionaries Find Church Planting Easier After Chick Tract Saturation

Providing Chick tracts to missionaries really works!

Missionaries Find Tracts Just Keep on Working

Today, missionaries face special challenges getting into countries hostile to the gospel.

Missionaries Use Saturation Blitzes to 'Seed' a City

How do you reach a city of 2 million+ with the gospel? After several years of groundwork in Juarez, Mexico, Missionary Tim Urling is on a roll.

Missionary Pressured to 'Unite as One' with Catholics

Ecumenism pressure is building in many parts of the mission field. This email just came from a ministry in Latin America.

Missionary Reports 14,000 Responses a Year to Tract Blitz

When Martin arrived in Mexico in 1961, he prayed for God to show him what tool would be most effective.

Missions Fund Report

Missionaries around the world tell how Chick tracts are affecting their ministries.

Missions Fund Report

Reports from missionaries around the world. Your support of the Chick Mission Fund is reaping much harvest.

Missions Fund Report

Missionaries around the world tell how Chick tracts are affecting their ministries.

Missions Fund Report - March 2018

Missionaries around the world tell how Chick tracts are affecting their ministries.

Missions Fund Report - Nov 2018

Your continued support for missionaries is having a global impact. Here are some of the reports we've received from Pakistan, India, Philippines, Kenya and Mexico.

Missions Fund Report Sep-2018

Missionary says these Chick tracts are “spreading like wildfire!”

Missions Fund Report: January 2020

Read some of the latest reports coming in from Belgium, Ethiopia, Kenya and the Philippines.

Missions Fund Report: March 2020

See how your donations are helping provide free tracts to missionaries worldwide and are helping reach lost souls worldwide for Jesus.

Missions Fund Report: November 2019

Read some of the latest reports coming in from Philippines, Kenya, India, and more.

Missions Fund Report: September 2019

We are able to send Chick tracts to missionaries ready to use them because of your donations to the Chick Mission Fund. Here are recent reports from just some of the missionaries blessed by your generosity.

Missions Fund 'Sowing' is Accelerating

September 2014 Missions Fund report shows this ministry is growing.

Missions Report - July 2018

August 2018 missionary projects for which Chick customers provided tracts through the Missions Fund.

Modern 'Tolerance' Does Not Include Bible Believers

So far in the U.S.A., Bible believers have avoided paying fines for speaking out against homosexuality.

Money—Primary Tool of Antichrist

In the march to the antichrist’s one-world government, there are lots of 'groups' forming. One is called the Group of 20.

More States Are Voting for Assisted Suicide

America is quietly opening up another chapter of death. Why should we trust evil and godless governments to decide who should live and who should not?

'Mr. President, What Shall We Do With Jerusalem?'

How should Christians view the push to divide Jerusalem?

Nation’s First High School LGBTQ+ Course In Maryland

Two high schools in Maryland are scheduling a pilot course on the 'history and culture' of homosexuality. The Montgomery County Board of Education unanimously approved the development of the curriculum to be offered in the spring semester.

Native Americans Now Have Their Own Chick Tract

"The True Path" is simple enough for the uneducated, yet communicates clearly the basic gospel message to anyone.

New Church In Dominican Republic After Saturation with Chick Tracts

The following report is from the Dominican Republic, where you helped us send 20,000 tracts in February.

New Churches Continue Springing Up From Tract Saturation

Many reports are coming to Chick Publications of tract saturation efforts on the mission fields leading to new churches.

New Comic Shows True Escape from Gangland

Black Angel introduction

New Discoveries Continue to Shake the Evolutionist's World

The little "flipper" that propels a bacterium shows how impossible it was for life to form without God.

New EU President Touts 'Global Governance'

World leaders are calling for the world government predicted by the Bible. Just days later, they demanded that Israel give up Jerusalem. Time is running out for the world.

New French Anti-Sect Law Lumps Evangelicals with Moonies and JWs

Bible believers in France are voicing concern over a new anti-sect law passed recently by the French parliament.

New Homosexual Disorder

Monkeypox - yet another frightening disease has surfaced that afflicts ‘men who have sex with men.’ It’s yet another case of ‘receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.’ (Romans 1:27)

New Law a Possible Threat to Soul Winning

Could the Bible be declared an instrument of persecution?

New Tract Line with Black Characters

Christian workers have been telling us for some time that their work among blacks would be much more effective if they had Chick tracts where the characters in the story were black.

New Tract Warns Young People Against Occult

The whole world is going crazy over vampires and other occultic subjects. Jack Chick's newest story will use this interest to present the Gospel.

No Place for 'Fundamentalists' in Pope's 'Brave New World'

Who are these 'Fundamentalists' and why is there no tolerance for them by the pope.

No Sowing - No Harvest

Sowing was essential to any kind of harvest. So it is with gospel tracts: no sowing, no reaping. In the parable, much of the seed went to waste, but it still was ...

Notes From All Over

From Billy Graham in Canada to missionaries in Hong Kong.

Notes from All Over

Various topics are discussed in this article from drug and alchohol abuse to gender "detransition".

Notes from All Over - January 2024

Some victories, and challenges, in the global battle against perversion. Win some, lose some, but NEVER give up!

November 2018 Message From David W. Daniels

Everything has cycles: politics, news, and the Devil. But Christians are called to follow a different "cycle," that of sowing and reaping

One-World Code Words Foreshadow Trouble for Bible Believers

Anyone who suggests that another's 'ideology' might consign him to hell is now labeled a violent extremist.

One-Worlders Ramping Up the Fear

Dictators have long recognized the importance of fear as a valuable tactic to control the populace. In this article, you'll find out what other tactics are currently being used to prepare for the anti-Christ.

One-World-Government Attacks Parent Rights

Little media attention is being given to a quiet tug of war going on over the right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children.

Only 13 Percent of Next Generation are Bible Believers

Will Americans lose religious freedom because many trusted more in politics than in preaching? A shocking recent survey shows it is time for a different approach.

Our Children Are the Next LGBT Target

Their agenda comes at the cost of innocence. Is it really that hard to tell if you’re a boy or a girl?

Parents Beginning to Win

Parents' trust was shattered, but somebody had poked the bear.

Parents Beware

Satan's struggle to capture the next generation continues in our government schools.

Parents Fighting Back Against Government Schools

Do parents really have to accept whatever the public school wants to teach their children?

Parents Sue California Schools Over Aztec Prayers

Two religious chants (prayers) to Aztec deities are being removed from California school curriculum as a result of parents’ lawsuits.

Parents Waking Up —Fighting for their Kids

An increasing number of parents are waking up to the dangers of the government school systems and they’re speaking out against local school boards who allow pornographic books in the library and Marxist curriculum in the classroom. The innocence of our children is under attack!

Parents, Do You Know What's Happening in School?

Transgender grooming in kindergarten? A battle for the next generation is insidiously being waged inside our public schools.

Pastors Convicted For 'Vilifying' Muslims

Two pastors in Australia have been convicted of "racial vilification of Muslims" for presenting a seminar on the teachings of Islam.

Pedophilia Now An 'Orientation'

Powerful people are out to 'fundamentally transform America' —and the world. One aspect of that revolution began several decades ago. It has come to be known as the sexual revolution.

Persecution Rising Worldwide

America and the Western World is not yet willing to admit that this is a religious war for the minds of millions.

Philippine Public Schools Wide Open to the Gospel

Missionaries are finding that passing out Chick tracts is like passing out candy. Through giving to the Chick Mission Fund, many Christians are making a difference!

Philippines Has Open Door to the Gospel

Mission Fund Report - Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) caused massive destruction in the Philippines and took the lives of over 5,000 people. Many of you have donated to our Mission's Fund which has helped us provide thousands of free tracts to missionaries in the Philippines. Here's an update on what's going on there.

Pollster: American Christians Mostly 'Casual'

Christian Pollster George Barna has identified what he calls "Seven Faith Tribes," in America.

Pope All-In on Climate Change

In early October, Pope Francis released a new document specifically targeting the subject of climate change. He claims that we have reached the point where we are 'unable to halt the enormous damage we have caused.'

Pope Proposes World Political Authority' with 'Real Teeth'

The Bible predicts a world government under a single global authority. Is "The Beast" nearly upon us?

Popular Website Tract Reintroduced

Thousands of people read this message on the Chick website weekly. Now it is available once more in print.

Post-Christian Europe Attempting To Shut Down Free Speech

European governments are trying to silence Christians who dare preach "unapproved" biblical doctrines. And they want the U.S. to do the same here.

'Potter Books are Pagan Discipleship' Says Author

Harry Potter, sorcery's modern Pied Piper, is at it again.

President Promotes "Orientation" Myth at Homosexual Fund Raiser

Addressing a recent fund-raiser for the nation's largest homosexual organization, President Clinton said, "We have to broaden the imagination of America."

Prison Ministry Letters: Jan-2004

Your comics and tracts really shook me up and by the second day I was on my knees and asking Jesus to save me and take over my life.

Prison Ministry Letters: March-2004

He led 19-year-old inmate to the Lord, then discovered it was his son he had never seen.

Prison Ministry Letters: May-2004

"I was thrown into the 'hole' and came across one of your tracts."

Prison Ministry Letters: Nov-2004

The inmates get discouraged when I don't show up with Chick tracts.

Prisoners Grateful for 40+-Year-Old Ministry

Prisoners are ripe for the gospel. Chaplain Woody responded to the call over 40 years ago and his ministry is still going strong.

Pro-Aborts and Sodomites to Spend Millions On Election

In this election year, it is essential that we remember that, "Righteousness exalteth a nation; but sin is a reproach to any people." (Proverbs 14:34)

Professor Gets Threats for Study Showing Homosexuals Can Change

A Columbia professor of psychiatry has released a study showing that "contrary to conventional wisdom some (homosexuals) ... can and do change (sexual orientation).

Pseudo-Scientists Take Another Shot at Manhood

The American Psychological Associations has come out with new guidelines on counseling men. But godless psychologists ignore the spiritual aspect of man's make up.

Public Libraries Becoming Battle Ground Over Evil

Church leaders in Seabrook, New Hampshire succeeded in stopping lectures on satanism at their local library but the offended Satan worshippers responded by flooding the library with nearly 500 donated books on witchcraft.

Public Libraries: Everyone Welcome, Just Not Christians

More than 50 public libraries across the country have refused to allow a 'story hour' so Christian actor and author Kirk Cameron can share his new children's book, 'As You Grow'.

Public Schools New Recruiting Field for Homosexuals

In the campaign to recruit our children into the homosexual lifestyle, one organization has been formed to promote it specifically to school children.

Recent Court Cases Approve Public Witnessing

It's easier to keep our rights to witness on the streets if we use wisdom in how we do it.

Religious Freedom Does Not Guarantee Righteousness

While America has suffered a significant decline in righteousness, a recent study by the Becket religious liberty law firm finds increased support for religious freedom.

Religious Freedom Tightening Worldwide

The Pew Research Center reports that restrictions on religion in 2015 were up from 34% in 2014 in 40% of the countries in the world. Even Western 'democratic' governments like Britain are in a debate over the issue.

Religious Freedoms Under Attack

"As America moves into the next century, the battle for continued religious liberty for Bible-believing Christians is at a watershed moment," writes Attorney David C. Gibbs, Jr.

Report ‘Animus’ —Collect $2,000

Several states have passed laws that set up a hate crime hotline where people can report to government officials anyone that they feel has committed a hate crime or ‘bias incident.’ It even promises $2000 of taxpayer money to anyone ‘injured’ by such ‘incidents.’ For Bible believers, the scary part comes down to the definition of ‘hate.’

Reporter Sees ‘Harassment Storm’ Coming for Christians

Evidence is coming from several directions indicating that Bible believers are in for an increasingly rough ride. recently reported: 'Attacks on Christian churches in the United States have almost tripled in the past four years.'

Revelation 13:17... It's Getting Closer

With the implementation of digital currency, and elimination of tangible money, the government will have an easier time controling the illegal movement of money by the 'bad guys'. But what happens if governments label Christians as bad guys, too?

Revolutions Rarely Benefit Christians

There is much talk today about revolution. Few revolutions bode well for Christians. It is becoming increasingly obvious that today’s controversy is far deeper than just the superficial political parties. Leaders are making no effort to hide the influence of godless Marxism.

Righteousness: Key to All Freedoms

Homosexuals and Muslims demand that speaking against them be outlawed as "hate speech." Nations such as Canada who agree have begun arresting and prosecuting Christians.

Rock Music Makes Rich Wretches

Exposes some of the dangers of becoming a Christian rock star.

Rowdy Crowd in England Gets Preachers Arrested

Many countries still claim to allow freedom of speech, but government officials are increasingly siding with those who are 'offended' instead of protecting the freedom to preach the gospel.

Russia Moving Quickly Against Christians

This recent letter from a missionary shows how Russian Christians fear the government plans to get rid of them. New legislation threatens to make outreach and evangelism a crime.

Same-Sex Mania

As a judge watches the changing sexual standards of society, he asks "does this mean incest is going to be accepted?"

Same-Sex Marriage Didn't End It

The "bathroom wars" are a natural consequence of accepting same-sex marriage. Appeasement always results in demands for "more."

Satan Has Lots of Ideas for America's Spiritual Vacuum

America's slide away from a Bible-based culture has left a vacuum for many of Satan's counterfeits to fill. Spiritism, and other forms of pagan superstition are growing as a result.

Satan Now Coming Against Christian Universities

The US Department of Education has levied more than $50 million in fines against the two largest Christian universities in the US.

Satanists Pressure Schools for Equal Opportunity

Satanic coloring books distributed in Delta Country, Colorado schools in equal opportunity response to Gideon Bible distribution.

Satan's Bogus Salvation Plan

His suggestion? Man can get along just fine doing things his own way.

Satan's Ingenuity

The homosexual movement is redefining God in their own image. The result is hard to believe.

SBC Conference Addresses Ministry to "Gays"

Speakers admitted that homosexual unions are incompatible with the Scriptures.

SBC Votes: Civil Rights Don't Include Homosexuals

In their recent national convention, the Southern Baptists voted in favor of a resolution declaring that '...those who are promoting the recognition of 'same-sex marriage' have misappropriated the rhetoric of the Civil Rights Movement.'

Schools Are the New Battleground

Parents are becoming outraged as they discover the schools are teaching their young children pornography, homosexuality and gender confusion.

Schools Pressured to Tell Students Sodomy is OK

A sodomite "Educators Network" has mailed a booklet promoting the homosexual lifestyle to 15,000 school superintendents across the country.

Science Discovers Faith, But in What?

The public's trust in "science" is increasingly frayed.

Scotland Law to Place All Children Under Government Care

Europe continues to give us an object lesson on where our own culture and government is going. Is home schooling a form of "neglect", enabling the government to seize the children?

'Scouting' New Sexual Territory

Boy Scouts targeted in cultural battle for the souls of our children.

Sermon Gets Air Force Chaplain Discharged

In 2013, Air Force Chaplain Kurt Cizek preached a message on sexual immorality that cost him his career, retirement pension and health benefits. Not a good result of the ‘sexual revolution.’

Seven Simple Steps for Witnessing to Cultists

It's as easy as 1-7!

Sexual Revolution Devastating to Children

Topics once avoided in the presence of children because they were considered too “suggestive” are now being taught as early as elementary school. We are witnessing the devastating effect for any child who lacks Biblical guidance and protection.

Shallow Churches Push Kids Toward Atheism

Youth leaders who are only half-hearted in their beliefs are turning kids away from God.

Shipment Was Late - Right On Time

Missionaries to the Philippines rejoice in the Lord's timing. Here is their report on one of the projects supported through the Chick Mission Fund.

Short-Term Mission to Alaska? - Church Finds New Way to Share Gospel

Church meets 8000 cruise passengers daily with the Gospel.

Should Adultery be a Crime?

Old laws say it is in nearly half of the United States. As morals decay throughout the nation, some are taking action to remove these laws.

Signs of the Last Days

World events keep lining up with scriptural prophecy. We are to look up for the redemption that Jesus promised. But we also need to use what freedom we have left to make sure as many as possible are given the gospel.

Sikh Mission Field —Down My Street

"I got to be a missionary for a day when 25,000 Sikhs held a parade in my town."

Sin is the Root of Poverty and Global Economic Turmoil

The recent global economic crisis is prompting financial leaders to take another look at the role of sin in world economics.

Singapore Invokes Religious Harmony Act Against Christians

Singapore police recently summoned some local religious leaders and warned them that they were in violation of the Religious Harmony Act.

Small New York Church Targets Every Home on Staten Island

It doesn't take a big church to have a big vision. First Bible Church of Staten Island New York is proof.

So How Should We Think About "Pride Month"?

The number of young people identifying as transgender has doubled in just the last few years. What was originally a very rare case of what science calls 'gender dysphoria,' has now tripled from 2017 to 2021 of minors in America receiving that diagnosis.

So Music is Neutral? Rock's Performers Say No

A German rock band whose "stark and violent" lyrics emphasize hate and incest is making a big splash on the American music scene, according to the August 21, 1998 Wall Street Journal.

So, How Should We Think About the Pride Assault?

How did we manage to get where families freely take their children downtown to watch parades of sexual perversion?

Sodomite Sex Now Taught in Public Schools

If it is not already there, instructions in sodomy will be coming soon to elementary schools in your neighborhood, if the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) has their way.

Sodomite War Stories

The pathway to 'lawful perversion' widens with the recent 'civil union' laws.

Sodomites Attack Donors to Yes-on-Marriage Amendment

As America continues to legalize sin, those committed to evil become more bold in attacking people standing for righteousness.

Sodomites Continuing Push for Approval

Examples of new laws giving special protections to homosexuals.

Sodomites Declare War on Boy Scouts

At a late November meeting, the City Council of Los Angeles voted 11-0 to cut all ties with the Boy Scouts of America declaring that it will no longer accommodate groups that discriminate against homosexuals and atheists.

Sodomites Moving in on Children's Clubs

Evidence is mounting that the world is getting increasingly dangerous for our children.

Sodomites Targeting Next Generation

On April 10th, students in nearly 1800 high schools and colleges gave up talking for the day in protest over "intolerance" toward sodomite classmates.

Some Good News —For a Change

Read 3 examples of how parents, young adults and lawmakers are joining together to push back against Satan’s steamroller of lies that has polluted our culture.

Some Good News in Our Schools

The Child Evangelism Fellowship has been successful in fighting off attacks by atheists and anti-Christian school officials while also offering Bible-believing curriculum on or near school grounds.

Some Need to be Shocked into the Kingdom

The Chick tract angered him. He cursed and threw it away. But when he died that night eight of his co-workers were shocked into reality and turned to God.

Some Public Schools Becoming War Zones

Recent high-profile, deadly incidents have riveted our attention on violence in public schools.

Some Religious Freedom Victories

Courts are finally handing down decisions that protect religious freedom. Let’s make good use of them!

Somewhere, Every Three Hours a Christian Dies for His Faith

While Christians abroad often face torture or death, American Christians are comfortable and apathetic. But the "freedom FROM religion" movement in the U.S. promises changes ahead.

Soul Winners, We Have Work to Do

As American's first President, George Washington, predicted that faith and morality would be required for democracy to survive. Many Americans think we can go on without God, but the Founders knew otherwise.

Spectacular Pageant Introducing a Buddhist Message

One of the more prominent, conservative news sources has taken on the sponsorship of the Shen Yun performing arts pageant. Christians are unaware of the unbiblical roots of this highly acclaimed performance.

Statements About Alberto From Former Catholics

A former priest and nun attest to the truth of what Alberto said about Roman Catholicism.

Stop! Stop! Not Appropriate For Children

When a parent began reading a book from the school library, in a school board meeting, the shocked board members insisted she stop. They were embarrassed at the content. Should this be in the school library?

Straight Talk on Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons - It's more that just a game. It is spiritually dangerous. William Schnoebelen explains why.

Street Witnessing Surprise

Chaplain Dann finds a surprising way to witness. See how he does it.

Study Indicates Homosexual Acts Shorten Lifespan

A new study by the Family Research Institute adds strong new evidence that homosexual acts lead to morbid sicknesses and early death.

Study Proves Heavy TV Diet Breeds Violence.

Solid evidence has recently been published indicating that a heavy diet of TV by children results in a huge increase in violent behavior.

Suicide —Looking for Help in All the Wrong Places

Leaders today are puzzling over a nearly 60% jump in suicides among young Americans since 2007. Some states experienced a greater number then others, but the phenomenon was broad.

Suicide: Eighth Leading Cause of Death in United States Third Most Common Cause in Teens

Suicide has long been seen by the hopeless as the final escape.

Supreme Court Establishes Strong Precedent for Soul Winners

The U.S. Supreme Court has now made clear that students have the right to share their faith on college campuses even if someone objects to what they are saying. This was a major free speech victory.

Teacher Stands for God —and Wins

PE teacher Tanner Cross almost lost his job for not following school policies. The Christian legal defense group, Alliance Defending Freedom, rushed to his defense.

Teenage Girls Suffering the Most from Despair

Depression and thoughts of suicide among teenage girls shows an alarming increase in the last 10 years

Testimonies Threaten LGBT Agenda

While LGBT groups try to make it illegal to help homosexuals find freedom in Christ, their message is undermined by testimonies of those who have found freedom, and salvation.

Testimony From Missionary Anthony Reitberg

Missionary Anthony Rietberg tells how using Chick tracts and our Gospel film, 'The Light of the World' helped bring Thai students to salvation in Jesus Christ.

The Blessing (And Curse) Of Knowledge

The increase in human knowledge has created the most prosperous era in the history of man. But history also tells us that prosperity almost inevitably leads to moral decay.

The Dark Side of 'Gay'

You won't hear these statistics about "gay" life in the news... it's not politically correct.

The Devil’s Plot Against Families —Nearly Successful?

There is little in God's creation more hated by Satan than families.

The Marriage Mess

The Millers looked like the ideal family. But beneath that veneer were the same hurts and failings that afflict millions.

The Next Step in the Sexual Revolution

Those who raised a red flag early on in the sexual revolution predicted that pedophilia was in the plans. Now, the attack on our children is relentless.

The Resistance to Sin is Rising

The public is finally being allowed to see the alternative to gender-change mutilation, Critical Race Theory and abortion. And many Christians and legislatures are fighting back!

The Steepest Generation:1963-2013

Every generation, like every roller coaster, has its ups and downs. But this generation is in a terrifying decline with many wondering, "where is the bottom?".

The Theory From Hell

Some Christians, including church leaders and religion teachers, attempt to combine part of evolutionary theory with biblical beliefs, but the two positions do not mix.

They're After Your Children!

For years laws in California and some other states have been passed that allow gay advocates more and more access to your child. But there IS something you can do.

Thousands Discovering Way Out of Government Schools

As American parents are discovering how the public schools are corrupting their children, huge numbers are abandoning that system for homeschooling and Christian schools.

Three Types of Repentance

An explanation of why we teach repentance in our tracts.

Toy Stores Pushing Voodoo

With the rise in occult groups comes a general increase in experimentation with satanic things.

Tract 'Blitzes' Enlarge Mission in Trinidad

Missionary James Hoffmeister, in Trinidad, sends his report of how the Lord is using him and Chick tracts in Trinidad and neighboring Guyana.

Tract Disturbed Him Enough to Go Buy a Bible

When Paul Karmin set out hitchhiking to see the world in the spring of 1977, he had no idea he would find heaven, instead.

Tract Pointed Him to Christ; Now He's Sowing Gospel Seed in Zambia

Missionary to Zambia comes across an 'old friend' on the mission field.

Tracting at Mardi Gras

Witnessing in difficult or hostile places sometimes requires careful selection of the right tract, and a good idea for presenting it. Tim Berends offers several.

Tracts Also Grow Disciples

Chick tracts also provide on-going discipleship training. Here's how.

Tracts Still Work -Even at 55 Below Zero

Read the adventures of a lady cab driver armed with Chick tracts.

Tracts Work In Prisons and On The Streets

These 'paper missionaries' continue to be efficient soul-winners around the world.

Trafficking —Abortion’s Twin Sister

Besides the horrors of dismembering children in the womb, abortion also provides cover for abusers of sex slaves or human trafficking.

Tributes to Jack Chick

"I got saved reading a Chick tract," is being said by many as they remember Jack Chick following his death.

Trucking For Christ

There is a great need to reach the lost traveling up and down America's highways every day. See how one person has tapped into this mission field and what you can do to help.

Truth Compromised is Still a Lie

When we reach for an agreement with someone who doesn't have the truth, we are only settling for the untruth. Truth + lie = lie.

Two Soul Winners Charged in Singapore

Voice Of The Martyrs reports that a couple of soul winners have run afoul of the "harmony" laws in Singapore.

Two Verses That Could Have Changed My Life

"It is possible I never would have become a Mormon if only I had known Galatians 1:8-9."

UK 'Death Template' Kills 130,000 a Year

Two major hospitals in the U.K. have developed a 'template to guide the care of the dying.' But are these patients really near death or is this a convenient way to deal with the rising cost of medical care?

UN Wants Control of Free Speech

But whose definition of ‘free speech’ will they use? Secretary General Guterres said ‘The war on science must end.’ Does he mean we must not speak against the ‘science’ that gave us evolution, humanism and the war on the Bible?

'United Religions' Idea Floated from Unlikely Source

Former Israeli leader suggests a "UN of religions" headed by the pope (who wants Jerusalem).

'Unity' - Lubricated by Emotion

One of the criticisms of the Charismatic Movement is that they have abandoned truth for emotion. Looking back over their 50 years of history, there is no doubt that emotion has clouded their vision and the pope is continuing to capitalize on this.

Universities Becoming Battlefield for Christians

As home schooled students move on to higher education they soon learn they must confront a hostile world.

University Looking For Ways to Teach "Happiness"

Using evolutionary theories to eliminate the need for a Creator, universities have lost contact with the one source of true happiness —Biblical Christianity— and their students are wanting answers!

University Students Studying How to Overthrow the State

Washington and Lee University in Virginia came under fire after it was discovered that the school was offering to students a course on ‘How to overthrow the state'.

Veteran Missionary Logs 40 Years and 1 Million Tracts

Missionary Gordon Pulley is known as the "million-tract man."

Vigilant Homeschoolers Win Again

Homeschoolers in California succeeded in fighting down a proposed bill that would have encroached on the freedoms of parents to oversee the education of their children.

War Over Transgenders Heats Up

So much in our culture is based on the male-female framework. However, the transgender movement is demanding that everything be changed to accommodate the gender confused: bathrooms, dress codes, sports categories, application forms, —even pronouns!

Warning: Disney 'Magic' Toxic to Children

A culture that once supported parents in bringing up youngsters as decent citizens has been converted into a major glamorizer of sin.

We Plant — God Gives the Increase

"Jesus spoke of the word of God being like seed sown in a field..."

What Does 'Scripture' Mean?

Jesus frequently referred to "the scriptures" as he taught the disciples and conversed with the Pharisees.

What ever became of sin?

Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary says that words like "disease," "antisocial behavior," and "lack of moral development" have replaced the word "sin."

When It's Not Safe to Die

An excerpt from "One Heartbeat Away", a great witnessing tool to promote discussion with anyone not sure of their eternal destiny.

When Sin Becomes Legal...

When Christians get sloppy about the Great Commission, big changes come to the nation. It`s not too late!

When We Take A Stand, Satan Loses

Christians can, and are, making their voices heard when the culture promotes perversity. And they are winning.

When Wrong Became Right

In an effort to make homosexuality acceptable, activists have shut down sources of information on the high rates of disease, suicide and depression among this group.

Why Care About the Jesuits?

Since only 5% of Jesuits actually become priests, where are the other 95%? How are they influencing the world today?

Why Mutilate the Body? It's About the Soul!

There have been several recent news stories of parents funding hormone treatments for their young children to change their gender. But nobody asks these parents the most important question.

Why Not a Daddy and Two Mommies?

Now that homosexual marriage is gaining acceptance in America, another perversion is coming out of the closet, demanding equal rights.

Why Students Cheat

Are educators sending kids a mixed message about cheating?

Wicca: Seduction of the Innocents

There are many doors to Satan's kingdom. Almost none are accurately labeled: "This way to death and destruction."

Wiccans Suing Government Over Tombstones

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has caved in and agreed to include the Wiccan five-pointed star in the list of accepted symbols being used on Department-issued grave markers.

Will 'Right to Die' Become 'Obligation to Die?'

"I just feel if we can do it for animals, we can do it for human beings." Robert Baxter, a 75-year-old retired truck driver in Montana is referring to his petition to the state supreme court to allow a doctor to kill him.

With Schools Closed, Satan’s Attack is Closer to Home

Satan never sleeps, particularly in his campaign to destroy children. With schools closed and children confined to home, his attack is now focused there. Read some of the recent headlines that tell the story.

With Sodomy Laws Repealed, Will Age-of-Consent Laws Be Next?

CBN's NewsWatch reports that sexual predators who target children have learned a how-to lesson from the homosexual movement on seeking legitimacy.

Without Truth, U.S. a Nation of Spiritual 'Drifters'

The people in the U.S. are a nation of "drifters," according to a recent report by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

Witnessing Teams Target the "Biggest Party in the World'

Big events, attended by thousands are great opportunities to get a gospel message to a lot of people in a hurry.

Women on Welfare Required to Work in Brothels.

"Germany is forcing poor women to work in the sex business or lose their benefits..."

World Government One Step Closer with International Criminal Court

Delegates from more than 150 nations met in Rome in June to pencil a treaty establishing an International Criminal Court (ICC).

World Lutheran Federation Takes Major Step Back to Rome

Leaders representing 61 million Lutherans signed a joint declaration with Roman Catholic Cardinal Edward Cassidy agreeing that the Reformation was all a mistake, that the two organizations really do agree on how to get to heaven.

World Money System Moving Right along —To Where?

In order for the Antichrist to get complete control of our lives, he must limit the free use of money. Recent developments prove he is doing just that!

Would You Consider Abortion in These Three Situations?

See how your answer could change the course of history.

Youngsters Told to 'Construct' Their Own Gender

The next frontier for homosexual activism is to establish the concept of transgender into the culture.

Zambia Trade Fair Seeded with the Gospel

This missionary couple discovered a local trade fair and tracts were the perfect recipe to spread the Gospel with fantastic results.