FRI Study Finds Homosexual Parenting Dangerous for Kids

Today's secular media has totally swallowed the lie that homosexual parents are just as good for kids as traditional families. When pressed, they quote one-sided "scientific" literature using extremely small samples of volunteers who agreed to submit to a survey.

Family Research Institute (FRI) has found a way to get highly accurate data on a large sampling over a 25 year period. The information comes from U.S. law libraries where the custody disputes between parents are recorded in extensive detail.

In these cases, the judge must hear all the evidence and then decide on the facts to base his custody decision. The data, therefore, is not the record of volunteers' statements about themselves but hard evidence presented in court and carefully weighed by the judge in his final decision.

FRI found 40 appeals cases recorded between 1966 and 1991 of custody disputes involving a homosexual parent. For comparison, 38 custody cases were drawn at random of heterosexual parents.

Seventy three children were involved in the disputes involving a homosexual parent and 105 children were in the cases with only heterosexual parents.

Of the cases involving a homosexual parent, the records revealed 66 incidents of harm to the children (molestation, physical abuse), 97% of which were charged against the homosexual parent. Of the cases involving only heterosexual parents, only 6 incidents of harm to the children were recorded.

These findings sharply contradict the notion that homosexual parents are just as good for children as conventional parents.

In an interesting side note, another study done by researchers at the University of Houston and reported in The Wanderer, found that 29.7% of partnered homosexuals and 47.5% of lesbian couples reported "being or having been the victim of relationship violence." Other studies by FRI indicate that the homosexual lifestyle leads to violence against each other much more often than normal relationships.

Homosexual activists would have us believe that same sex "domestic partners" are generally happy couples, A careful study of police records show otherwise.

Soul winners must approach homosexual practice like any other sinful behavior. We all have sinned. Some of us play out our sin one way, some another. All need forgiveness through Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome it.

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