How Not to Waste a Phone Call

By David W. Daniels

It was 1 AM. The phone rang shrilly in the other room. I had to answer it. So I got out of bed and jog-walked to the phone, not wanting to wake anybody up.


A whisper. "I`m gonna kill you." (Click)

I was shaken, but went back to bed.

2 AM.


The same whisper. "You`re gonna die!" (Click)
I was saved, going to Bible college, but still shaken.

I prayed.

3 AM.


"You`re gonna--"

"Did you know that Jesus loves you, and died for your sins?"

"Huh? Oh, look, I`m just messing around. I`m here at my friend`s, I was bored.... Hey, I go to church, and..."

No kidding. He told me his name, where his friend lived, where he went to church, that he was sorry.... All because I took the opportunity to start to witness to an unidentified, scary person on the phone!

Ever been called at 3 AM by a Saudi Arabian telemarketer? One church secretary was. The poor salesman didn`t know what time it was in the USA. But the sister was not fazed. She witnessed to this Muslim, and he got saved!

But that`s not all. On another night, she got another call, about 3 AM again... and the same telemarketer was on the line. He said to her, "This is my cousin. I want you to tell him everything you told me." It became a soul-winning opportunity!

Brothers and sisters, God gives us opportunities, if only we will keep our spiritual soil moist, through prayer and Bible-reading. I keep my little Bible and plenty of Chick tracts handy, and was able to give a tract to a JW and his wife! They offered me their materials, and I offered mine! May God bless every one of you with these kinds of opportunities. Who knows what victories the Lord may have in store for you?