Even Military Becoming Hostile to Christians

Military leaders are increasing their war on Christianity. They say, "Don't bring that here."

A Christian's Immediate Evangelistic Device (IED)... A Chick Tract

This Evangelistic 'Warrior' shares examples of easy ways to use tracts to 'wage spiritual war' against Satan.

Classic Chance to Update the Bible

Ezra was presented with the perfect opportunity to update the Bible. Rather, he did what every faithful pastor should be doing.

Scotland Law to Place All Children Under Government Care

Europe continues to give us an object lesson on where our own culture and government is going. Is home schooling a form of "neglect", enabling the government to seize the children?

Shallow Churches Push Kids Toward Atheism

Youth leaders who are only half-hearted in their beliefs are turning kids away from God.

Zambia Trade Fair Seeded with the Gospel

This missionary couple discovered a local trade fair and tracts were the perfect recipe to spread the Gospel with fantastic results.

How Not to Waste a Phone Call

God gives us opportunities. Who knows what victories the Lord may have in store for you?

Popular Website Tract Reintroduced

Thousands of people read this message on the Chick website weekly. Now it is available once more in print.

Message From Jack Chick September/October 2013

Are you fearful about how things are going? Remember, the world is the devil's. But we have the solution.

Chick Mail Bag September/October 2013

"I love the cartoon touch without compromising God's Word"

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