If the Music is Neutral, Why Did They Dance?

By Jeff Godwin

The entire "Christian" rock music industry is built on one massively deceptive pillar: "All the music is neutral only the words matter."

A classic test of the music-is-neutral theory occurred shortly after the Berlin Wall came down. Televangelist pioneer, Paul Crouch, took a group from his Trinity Broadcasting Network to Russia. Their meetings and concerts were broadcast all over the world via satellite. One of the members of Paul's team was TBN regular, Jeff Fenholt.

Former lead in the Broadway production of the blasphemous musical, Jesus Christ Superstar, Jeff Fenholt sang "Christian" Rock to the Russians at concerts in the Leningrad Sport & Concert Complex, as well as Kiev's ver Sporta.

Jeff parroted the C-Rock party line in a Russian TV interview. He was asked by interpreter, "So what do you think about Rock music?"

Fenholt's reply?: "If the heart of the musician belongs to the Devil, then the music belongs to the Devil. My heart belongs to Jesus, so my music belongs to the Lord."

Jeremiah 17:9,10 says that the heart of man is desperately wicked and deceitful. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the essence of deception is NOT KNOWING YOU ARE DECEIVED.

This is the case with Fenholt and all other C-Rockers out there. Their Rock & Roll idolatry deep in the heart lets them "Christianize" Satan's music and explain it away because their "heart's okay."

What kind of music did Jeff sing to thousands of Russians who turned out for the TBN shows?

As the video What's Wrong With Christian Rock? shows so graphically, he sang Elvis Presley's Jailhouse Rock with some new "Christian" words:

"...Jesus Christ gives you a brand new start/Don't sit idle with a long tall face/C'mon let's shake this rockin' place/Let's rock/Everybody let's rock/Everybody on the Eastern bloc/Jesus is the Rock..." Wonderful message. Sincere delivery. Great audience reaction.

The Russians were so thrilled with real live American Rock & Roll, they danced in the aisles. There's just one problem...


This blows the whole C-Rock lie about message vs. music into a million little pieces.

Those Russian kids weren't jumping out of their seats because "Jesus is the Rock" - they were worshiping at the altar of Elvis! (and Satan).

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