Is 'Freedom of Worship' Freedom of Religion?

Recently the U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way for same sex marriages in several more states. Where this conflicts with religious freedom was on a farm in upstate New York.

The owners occasionally rent part of the farm facilities for wedding ceremonies. When a lesbian couple applied, the owners refused use on religious objection.

A state "Human Rights Commission" charged them with discrimination and levied a $13,000 fine. Christian cake bakers and photographers have also faced fines for refusing to supply their services for same sex weddings.

Most of these charges have come out of these "commissions" set up outside the constitutional legal system to pronounce judgment on "human rights" cases related to discrimination. By getting homosexuality designated as a special class along with blacks, the disabled, race, gender, they are protected against "discrimination." Now they can use this to demand special protection for their sin. Anyone who objects to being involved in their sinful ceremonies is charged with violation of their "human rights."

Not only have they maneuvered to get their sin made legal, they demand that everyone cooperate in their sinful activities. If stealing were made legal, would a bank robber be able to demand that a taxi provide get-away service?

Such is the confusion when sins such as abortion and sodomy are legalized.

The U.S. constitution stipulates that the government cannot make a law "prohibiting" the free exercise of religion. However, America is quickly moving toward the pattern in communist countries such as Russia and China that have constitutions granting freedom of religion or "freedom of religious belief." In practice, many restrictions are then put in place opposite to what Americans have come to enjoy.

Current government leaders are beginning to use the term "freedom of worship" rather than "freedom of religion." The businesses have not been fined for "worshipping." The lesbians who sued the farmer did not care where they "worshipped." They could not tolerate the farmer`s freedom to obey his religion.

So, it does not appear that "freedom of worship" would allow tract distribution. The freedom of religion that protects soul winning is being rapidly eroded. We need to get the truth out there to counter the multiple attacks on our freedom of religion.

Many Chick tracts speak to Satan`s lies. Some expose false religions. Others show how sexual perversion destroys God`s plan for marriage and strong families. Other falsehoods such as man-made global warming and evolution are targeted.

Soul winner, we have much work to do to save the freedom to keep obeying the Great Commission.