Italian Pentecostals Not Buying Pope's 'Unity'

Where the majority of Italian Evangelicals are objecting to the pope's overtures for unity, few in the U.S. have raised the issue. Do the Italians know something we don't know?

Tract Pointed Him to Christ; Now He's Sowing Gospel Seed in Zambia

Missionary to Zambia comes across an 'old friend' on the mission field.

Christians Becoming Poster Children for Satan's Lies

With doubt in God's Word on the rise, it is becoming more common for "Christians" to push a secular view point.

Fishermen's Club Sends Gospel Bait to Businesses

Jim Neale has developed a new way to get a gospel message to local businesses.

Is 'Freedom of Worship' Freedom of Religion?

When our government leaders use the term "freedom of worship" rather than "freedom of religion" are they taking us one step closer to stripping us of our right to evangelize?

Prisoners Grateful for 40+-Year-Old Ministry

Prisoners are ripe for the gospel. Chaplain Woody responded to the call over 40 years ago and his ministry is still going strong.

Hong Kong Protests More Than Political

Beijing's decades-old effort to stamp out spiritual belief may finally be falling apart.

I Hate To Waste

Are we wasting this precious resource from God?

Message From Jack Chick November/December 2014

As believers, our work is never done. Everybody needs Jesus!

Chick Mail Bag November/December 2014

First they helped me, and now my daughter!

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