'Jack the Ripper' Memorial Home For Battered Women?

Excerpt from "Masonry Beyond the Light" by William Schnoebelen.

There is one youth order which stands out above all others in terms of its audacious embrace of evil. That is the DeMolay order for boys. Though all the youth orders share [common] dangers, DeMolays are especially dangerous because they serve as the incubator for future Masons.

Although I never was in the DeMolays, I have a dear friend and colleague in the ministry who was, but is now saved by Jesus. From his personal experiences as a member, he has referred to the DeMolays as a "kindergarten for Satanism." He believes it was a major stepping stone for him into occultism and witchcraft.

It is an especially grisly jest to name the Masonic order for young men after Jacques DeMolay, the last Grand Master of the Templars. The DeMolay ritual makes a great hero of its namesake. He is held up as a paragon of manly virtue. What the order's ritual does not tell its young charges is that DeMolay was burned at the stake for being a homosexual, a pedophile (lover of young boys), and for practicing witchcraft and worshiping a false god named Baphomet! (See chapter 15 for more on the Templars' history.)

Naming a boy's order after DeMolay is like naming a shelter for battered women after Jack the Ripper, or a home for unwed mothers after serial killer Ted Bundy! Though the Templars' history is controversial, DeMolay died cursing those who put him to death - hardly a model of young Christian manhood!

Why, with all the great men in western history (including Jesus!) would the Masons pick such a corrupt, controversial and obscene man to be a role model for their young men?

Why not Stephen, the first martyr? Why not Joshua? The answer is because DeMolay is one of the central "idols" of the Freemasonic pantheon, probably second in stature to Hiram Abiff. The DeMolay ritual prepares the young Mason-to-be for a life of involvement in societies dedicated to the worship of Baphomet!