Kids Love Chick Tracts All Over the World

Chick Tracts in a hundred languages are hard at work sharing the gospel all over the world.  Children especially love the comic format.  Here are some photos shared with us by missionaries from different corners of the globe.

Missionary Kenneth Bruce writes:
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Just wanted you to see the Lord at work in Indonesia. The attachment is a picture of kids waving their Indonesian language tracts from a Catholic Orphanage in Indonesia.  The amazing thing about this picture is that it was a Catholic Institution and the Nuns asked for extra tracts. God is good! Chick tracts work and they do get read!

The three boys in the top picture received the tracts from Philippine Pastor Rodellio Mallari. Other pictures are from Thailand and Poland. The tracts were supplied by the Chick Mission Fund.

Many soul winners who use Chick tracts are blessed with extra funds that they send to us so that more tracts can be supplied to missionaries working in all parts of the world. 

Missionaries and native pastors find that they can never get enough literature to use to expand their outreach.  Chick Publications receives many more requests than we can fill but every dollar that comes in goes directly for literature for these worthy ministries.  But we have to caution that we are not authorized to give a tax-deductible receipt for these gifts.