New Tract Line with Black Characters

Christian workers have been telling us for some time that their work among blacks would be much more effective if they had Chick tracts where the characters in the story were black. Black people on the street are more receptive to black characters than Caucasian.

Pastor Jerry Thornton, who pastors a black church in Southern California tried some of the tracts in his ministry before they were officially released. He says, "The black tracts were especially useful to tell the people of color that they are special enough for Chick Publications to make a special edition of the tract line just for them. They often feel neglected and marginalized and appreciate the special attention when it is given."

Beginning this month, we are rolling out a new tract series with the same story but with black characters. We have taken some of our most popular Chick tracts and redrawn them with black characters. To avoid confusion in ordering, we have renamed them. This Was Your Life! has become It's Your Life! Somebody Loves Me is called Hard Times.

Fred Carter, one of the world's best illustrators, who did the magnificent art for The Light of the World video, is redoing the art for this series. He is also a black pastor, giving him a special insight into what the unsaved person will respond to.

Chick Publications has specialized in non-English language tracts for missionaries all over the world. They have found a higher level of acceptance when the tract is in their language. The inclusion of ethnic characters in the artwork also adds significantly to their appeal. The most popular tract, This Was Your Life! has been distributed over the years with a myriad of different faces including Chinese, Tahitian, Kenyan and Mongolian art.

Now that we know exactly what you want, watch for more titles in the coming months. As always, we do our best to give you tracts that get accepted, get read and bring conviction. Every one needs Jesus regardless of their ethnic background.

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